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Aaron Levy

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To Compliance Department & Marketing Dept of XXX,

Subject Line: Game plan for NAAIP, NAAIP and XXX to beat BUU, XYY, RY Life, DDFFDDF Marketing, et al.
1. The goal is to lessen agent appointment fees recruiting expenses from agents that sign contracts but don't learn or sell your product. 
2. I appreciate the fact that XXX is properly appointing agents that fill out contracting but the fact is that my system can easily bring in 10,000 in the next two years with a staff of two and not much investment. Then 25% to 50% of all insurance agents in the USA a few years going forward with a staff of 10 marketers in my office. 
3. My solution is that we give agents lots of information online describing XXX and info as to what they are expected to do. I need one page that summarizes your product line. www.naaip.org/united-home-life is example. The links to pdfs can actually be uploaded to XXX's website and NAAIP can link to those pages. but I need that agents know that XXX is our favorite company and that they are expected to request contracting, learn the product line and make XXX their main life carrier.
NAAIP offers a term life quote engine similar to https://www.naaip.org/david - I would love to only show XXX rate for the 13,000 and growing registered users. I know that Robert Barney of Compulife is on a crazed mission to destroy NAAIP and threatened to sue XXX. Here is a synopsis of what happened. https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/13-compulife-lawsuit-join-a-class-action-lawsuit-or-sue-individually/  -
NAAIP won a lawsuit after being sued by Mr. Barney and Robert Barney appealed the Judges decision and miraculously had the judge order a retrial on two of the trial issues. There was a retrial a few months ago. I expect NAAIP to win again. It will be a few months before we see the results.  Compulife may appeal again.  Robert Barney is willing to spend huge money just to continue this case so that he can intimidate insurers. If NAAIP loses this case then it "changes the internet." Breaking existing court precedent. I am not joking. Google "Compulife vs Newman." In short, the appellate court made a mistake. 
It should be known that XXX or XXX does not show well on Compulife's (term4sale) term life quote engine. Compulife is not XXX's friend.XXX is not competitively priced because of the living benefits. I would love to get rid of all the carriers except XXX. It would be best if your IT department gives me the rates/formula (that it gives to compulife, ipipeline, etc) in order to input accurate rates on NAAIP's quote engine. This eliminates all phony threats from Compulife as well. 
After NAAIP wins this lawsuit against Compulife, NAAIP can and will counter sue. NAAIP may end up owning Compulife. lol.  It is in XXX's best interest that  compulife and term4sale don't exist. Compulife is great for AIG, Banner and Protective Life. but not for XXX You should be encouraging NAAIP. It affects your business regardless if NAAIP sends XXX any agents or not.
Here is what I need. I would put a big banner advertisement on every  NAAIP agent website after 50 hits (which does not make sales thru us or pay NAAIP a nominal fee - currently $14.99/month ) - I can change that monthly fee up or down. 
- You can see the banner ad for United Home Life  that NAAIP puts on www.naaip.org/david (we encourage agents to properly host their site - e.g. www. davidagent .com  - which David is not doing) then clicking that banner image - it takes you to www.naaip.org/united-home-life  - I would like the XXX banner to go to naaip.org/xxx
- here is a banner advert that I would like to use. (I had to delete the banner to protect privacy of carrier)  - I would like to add the sentence in small at bottom *Recruiter level contracting via NAAIP similar to the UHL one. 
Currently NAAIP gets about 10 signups a day. And simply invites new agents to conference call via sms/voice broadcast and email. We specifically discourage contracting with UHL etc, unless the agent sends an email to david@naaip.org requesting contracting (david@naaip.org is a catchall email that all NAAIP workers use).
at the footer of all emails that david@naaip.org sends out we have 
Featuring XXX for Life, Annuities & Pensions
Featuring United Home Life - 5 different Whole/FEX Policies, Simple term and Accident -
As well, NAAIP's every two week email blast which gets opened by 3500-4000 agents has a footer - Right now the email blasts states UHL only, not XXX, but I would like it to mention XXX.
We would like to publicize XXX to the hilt in these 2 week email blasts which are sent out to NAAIP signups (either websites or contracting requests). Just mentioning products that XXX sells would be best. 
Such as "I love the XXX's Benefits" and going into detail about factually information taken from XXX's website.
NAAIP can make it abundantly clear thatXXX is the best carrier for agents to appoint with, learn and sell. 
As an aside, if you Google multiple insurance companies, with the words "agent contracting" NAAIP has a web page that appears near the top. NAAIP gets lots of requests for agent contracting. 
Very easily, NAAIP can get 50 signups a day. That would take money, advertising, etc. As well, we should have a real live person personally follow up with these new agents. Walk them through the process of NAAIP and XXX. We can literally get 40 new agent contracts per day if you want us to do so.
Agents get excited about NAAIP's system initially. A very high percentage will contract if we encourage it. 
I would love to actually solicit actual "players" in the industry. Big hitters. If you google "financial advisor websites"  you see that it is common to pay $150 per month.  I would love to offer the owners of these financial professionals NAAIP's superior technology, design and 100 to 120% contracts. 
I would love to get a list  (my list broker will sell this to me for peanuts) of ABC and DEF Life agents and offer them all NAAIP's technology and a 100% contract. This would take telemarketers but if our relationship is solid. It will be good.
I would love to recruit registered brokerage firms to join XXX's brokerage. Tell me what I need to do to get a management commission fee. And I will do it. 
I would love to get a list of all XYZ agents (which includes the list of all DFSS Life TYY agents.) TYY MLM is the fastest growing and now the largest recruiter of simple agents. They are #1 for DVF, LMN, RYU and others. Growing like gangbusters. Very easy to offer their agents high commissions and the technology. 
NAAIP's rapid growth will occur when we finish the "white label" website builder. This website builder will be under a different URL website address. It will not be called NAAIP. This tool will allow leader insurance agents  to build a team of agents with a website builder (the same as NAAIP but different URL) with the lower tiered agent not even knowing that NAAIP exists. Just like NAAIP has recruited over 13,000 agents with minimal effort, other agents will be able to recruit and train their team. This tool will be free for those that make XXX as their main product. 
This is a very enticing proposition to any agent that works for FUU MLM or any multi-level marketer.
This is very enticing to any top level financial-planning firm who currently sells multiple carriers. I tell them, sell XXX and you and your team get this free website system. 
This is very enticing to any mid-level or small FMO/IMO. I tell them,
please move your XXX contract to me and start selling lots of XXX and it is all free. 
In the meantime, NAAIP is working very hard to make its technology better and better. The two big players in do-it-yourself website builders are Wix and SquareSpace. NAAIP is higher quality right now than those two and is geared to financial sales people. These quality issues never end. NAAIP is still working on improving the website experience. NAAIP wants to make this an over-the-top no-contest competition. 
NAAIP's ultimate goal is to be the default website builder for insurance agents and financial professionals in the USA and all English speaking countries. I believe that NAAIP will succeed in that endeavor. 
NAAIP hold a six day per week conference which they recently switched to showing the moderators face and using screen sharing. The conference call now  shows the NAAIP admin back office - This is very interesting for agents, especially those interested in recruiting. 
Agents are interested mostly in leads, NAAIP walks the agents through this page. https://www.naaip.org/lead-services - explaining that the NY Life type system works best in that agents must develop the skill sets required to build a business. 
The website builder system is an excellent "incentive based marketing tool." Give a website to a CPA and the CPA will give the agent referrals. Help plumbers, electricians, etc with their website and the business owner may need an IUL or retirement planning. I realize that there are state laws on gifting and agents are encouraged to know and observe the state regulations.  In a few weeks NAAIP will have a do-it-yourself "last will and testament" attached to every NAAIP website. 
NAAIP would like to get to a situation where it will not offer direct contracts but only help existing team leaders build their businesses. Similar to what XYY is doing. 
Matter of factually, NAAIP conference call moderators will state that XXX is our favorite life carrier. Facts about the carrier. and if the agent wants to contract, please email us with a request. 
Obviously, as NAAIP succeeds in this business plan we will be enticed to offer more life products, not just XXX. It is feasible to offer only XXX and let's say United Home Life (which specializes in FEX, mortgage term and accident insurance - no E and O required)
Offering another major life carrier such as TYU or VBR would just confuse the agent. KISS. We will be at your top % level and will have multiple major IMOs under us at a shade below%. I know the consortiums pay the IMOs a shade below%. I would be happy as all heck to grab a 5-10% cut from IMOs and have XXX as our only major carrier. 
TT Life has done exceptionally well, with its agents only selling TT LIfe. 
In conclusion, NAAIP and our white label website are building a worldwide brand to compete and beat WIX and SquareSpace. And in the USA market to beat XYY, TCU Marketing, TYH and TT Life. 
I invite XXX to join us on our journey. I can almost guarantee that XXX will become the default insurance carrier in America within a few years. 
It should be known that NAAIP is but one technique to recruit agents. I am always on lookout for other methods that will lead to success. 
Sincerely,  NAAIP and our Licenced agent partners.
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