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NAAIP Newsletter: March 19, 2021 - Facebook Leads at 1/4 Regular Price


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Hello ,

For the longest time, I have been shouting from the rooftop that agents should:

  • Seek out the highest possible commissions.
  • Figure out a lead system that works and then cut out the middleman/vendor. 

Let's talk leads. Here, I created a page that could be considered the Wikipedia of insurance agent lead generation. Join one of our six-day per week conference calls for an in-depth discussion on this topic. 

I have learned the following regarding insurance agent leads.

  1. Direct mail postcards and now Facebook leads are the primary lead source for a very high percentage of agents. 
  2. The postcard companies will sell you 1,000 postcards for $450-$500. Obviously, if postcards are a major part of your business, you should print them yourself and send from the local post office.
  3. Facebook leads are much more complicated to set up for many agents. Facebook lead vendors are selling each FB lead from $20 to $25. Doing it yourself will have Facebook leads be between $4 and $8. This is a huge savings.
  4. To drum up business for our favorite FEX/Accident & Mortgage Term carrier. - I will personally set up your Facebook account for you with your credit card. At a certain point, I will hand over the account back to you with instructions to press On to Activate the leads and Off and Deactivate. Elementary.

For me to be intimately involved in your business, I need you to sell United Home Life. Click the Link and you will see why this is my favorite carrier, notwithstanding super-high compensation. 

I expect to be overloaded with work setting up Facebook advertising accounts for NAAIP/UHL agents. Join our daily conference call for detailed discussion and sell lots of UHL policies, so I can put you at the top of the list

See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip, or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." 

I am here for you. Let's succeed together. 

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