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NAAIP News: April 19,2021 - Live Streaming NAAIP Video Conferences on YouTube


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Starting today at 12 Noon ET, I will be living streaming my 6 day per week conference calls on YouTube. 

Concurrently, on www.uberconference.com/naaip  I will be doing screen-sharing. You will see my incredibly interesting admin back-office. I cannot, sincerely, show the world my admin back-office with all that personal information on a recorded video call. 

As well, conversing with me can be done via telephone or via the Uberconference app. YouTube does not permit viewers to talk. Only to post chat messages. 

Please subscribe to my YouTube Chanel - NAAIP's YouTube Chanel

And/download Uberconference to your phone after clicking our Uberconference.com link if you want to see video on a smartphone. On a desktop, clicking the link www.uberconference.com/naaip is all you need. 

I appreciate those agents that are paying us the $14.99/month to hide the advertisements on your website. Initially, we only requested $9.99/month which sadly is not enough to pay for our hosting and SSL certificates. 

There are a few improvements that our programmers are finishing up before I will increase the $9.99 monthly PayPal payments to $14.99/month. 

Those improvements are related to adding more video and image options to the header of your website. As well, we will be adding a four template options. 

Later on, we will have a CRM and Last Will and Testament.

I promise you that we will not go over $14.99/month for the foreseeable future (at least 5 years). Those paying $9.99/month should expect their PayPal bill to rise to $14.99 after May 15th. 

You should know that you have the option to sell through NAAIP as the up-line and I will refund whatever payments you have paid to us. 

We recently added the entire Medicare Advantage, Supplement, Health, Ancillary product lines. Please tell me if you want game-changing good commissions and lead systems on this product line. 

  • We are seeing lots of success with Final Expense sales with United Home Life. Please appreciate that NAAIP is offering all agents' recruiter level contracting and has 5 different whole life polices. From GI to preferred. 
  • Recruiter level contracts is what NAAIP does. We connected with a TOP 5 Major Insurer that is allowing us to contract agents at recruiter level under the provision that we don't publish their name online or on our bulk emails. Please avail this opportunity. 

See my face and my computer screen at www.uberconference/naaip, or you can call in at the phone number listed at the footer. The link to our uberconference account is always at the header of NAAIP.org where you see the word "conference call." Next call is at NOON ET in 5 minutes.

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