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NAAIP News: April 29th, 2021 - NAAIP and a Top Five Mutual Life Insurer


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Hello , - Note: NAAIP does not offer insurance company contracting.

An Amazing Integration. NAAIP and a Top Five Mutual Life Insurer.

Finally, we made the connection.

Mutual insurers are easier to sell. For the most part, career insurance agents and financial advisors sell for a major mutual insurer that concentrates on retirement planning. A mutual insurer will pay between 5 and 6 percent on whole life insurance policies which is used to fund a retirement. 

If you understand what I am writing you will appreciate the fact that I can offer you the highest possible compensation (100%).

If you don't understand that the most lucrative sector of the life insurance industry is retirement planning then I invite you to do a deep dive and start making a living. 

I am here for you. 

This newsletter is circulated to the over 13,000 plus NAAIP agents and my agreement with the Top Five Mutual Life Insurer is to not publicize their name online, on YouTube or even on this newsletter. The insurer has multiple venues recruiting at substantially lower compensation levels which is why they do not want us to publicize the affiliation. 

Regardless, your job is to stay in business and I know that you must be proficient in selling for retirement planning whether that be iul, whole, ul, term, annuities, pension plans for business, etc. Nothing beats a mutual  insurer, in which the policyholders own the insurer and  company profits are returned to the policyholders in the form of dividends. 

Medicare News: We have just about all Medicare supplement, Advantage, hospital indemnity and health carriers. Email me requesting contracting. If you are contracted and certified with three Medicare Advantage carriers I can set you up with a booth at Walmart, Krogers, CVS, Publix, Walgreens, and/or others. We must act early to be set up properly. We have leads: For every 8 Medicare Advantage sales you get 1,000 free mailers. 

YouTube News: I am on Live Stream with Screen Sharing only on YouTube. If you want to see me, then you must view via YouTube

Join YouTube's NAAIP Live Stream six days per week: Monday to Thursday at Noon ET and Weekends at 2pm ET. The dial-in number stays the same with uberconference at 888-532-9320. I know it is a bit confusing that there will be one place to talk to me and another to see me, but NAAIP needs to go viral and YouTube helps us do that. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share my YouTube Channel. I appreciate your help. 

Next NAAIP Live Stream is in 80 minutes.

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