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NAAIP News: May 14th, 2021 - The Reason That I Built NAAIP - Brutally Honest

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Hello ,

I am revealing my soul. My inner being.

I know it sounds crass, egotistical and weird. But I got to let it out. 

The reason for this technology and goodies for insurance agents/financial planners is that wanted to be a celebrity. 

In essence, it is an incentive based marketing system. I give you game changing good technology and super-high commissions that causes you become rich while you help me become a celebrity. Fair trade.

It is true. 

Now that the technology is real good. You, as a financial planner or insurance agent, cannot get a better website builder for your business at any price. And NAAIP gives it to you. A pretty good offer.

As an aside, sell the carriers that NAAIP recommends.

  1.  A Top 5 Mutual Insurer (who won't let me publicize their name on bulk emails,  YouTube or online)
  2. A Leading Final Expense/Simple Issue Carrier (United Home Life)
  3. Virtually every Medicare/Health and Hospital Indemnity in the market.
  4. Even www.naaip.org/dental-plans - for discount dental & health plans

You are at high compensation levels. You are at the top

In return you will help me become a celebrity. My 6 day per week video conference call is now Live-Streamed.

I have vast experience and knowledge as a:

  1. Salesman (via appointments and door to door)
  2. Call center worker and owner
  3. Website marketer (websites, SEO, etc.)
  4. Outsourcing Expert (I built NAAIP and other websites)
  5. Radio Host (My conference calls throughout the years was similar to radio)

In short, I have what to talk about. 

I need you to make me rich and successful on YouTube. Please subscribe to my channel and join me on my 6 day per week NAAIP LIVE.

To make the calls interesting I will be having long conversations with various people in this industry. You are invited to be my guest and to tell your story.

Join YouTube's NAAIP Live Stream six days per week: Monday to Thursday at Noon ET and Weekends at 2pm ET. The dial-in number stays the same with uberconference at 888-532-9320. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share my YouTube Channel. I appreciate your help. 

I am here for you. Let's succeed together. 

In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.


David Gordon
direct & sms(561)440-9245 (I Love Text Messages)
Featuring United Home Life - 5 different Whole/FEX Policies, Simple term and Accident

NAAIP Members Nationwide: 13,108 

Monday to Thursday Noon, Saturday & Sunday 2pm ET
NAAIP Live Stream on YouTube & Dial (888)532-9320 to interact with the moderator.

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