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It Is Money Time at NAAIP - I Appreciate Your Help

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Hello Agent, 

For the longest time I have been shouting from the rooftop that NAAIP offers a better website experience than others in the insurance industry. Specifically because our websites are good at collecting visitor information. That is true because of the data capture powers of a quote engine on an insurance website.

Quote engines are not the only important attribute. It could be said that we were lacking in ease of editing, template options, video, slider shows, etc.

I implore you to revisit your NAAIP website and back office. You will conclude that my team built a world-class system that is exceptional.

We are still working on features before we turn NAAIP into an insurance agent MLM white-label juggernaut.

Here is the timeline:

Most aspects of your website are now editable via inline editing (which means that you edit the website when you are on your website while logged in to your back-office.) This is an ergonomically pleasing editing system which other website builders use.

Our programming team is finishing up today, making all 6 template footers be editable. This is a good place to add a disclaimer, especially for financial planners. Currently, I see that template #1 has this feature.

My programming team will make available hosting websites via Name Servers in addition to the current method of IP address. This is a bit technical, but it will make it simpler for agents to host websites with all domain registration companies. The end game is that insurance agents should be setting up websites for business owners. We have to make it simple. This task should take us ten business days. 

I really love video at the top of NAAIP websites. We will be uploading another 70 video header options to be easily uploadable to your website. Even though I believe that the best option is for you to upload your personal image to head your website.

There will be another 60 header images. If you are using a slider header, then you need more good image options. The video and image task will take approximately 25 business days because every video and image needs to be compressed and sized according to the templates.

There will be an "Our Team" section in which agency owners can place an image of their brokers/employees in a neat manner with descriptions of what that individual does. This task should take 10 business days since most of the programming has been done already.

We will be adding another four insurance agent/agency/financial advisor templates. The total templates on NAAIP website will be ten. This task should take 20 business days since the templates are already built.

Finally, we will be concurrently building a CRM (customer relationship manager) and a White-Label system. White-Label means that agents and recruiters will be able to offer NAAIP website builder/CRM to other businesses and insurance agents and those entities will have no idea that NAAIP exists. This task should take between three and six months. 

We can speed up the time frame of the CRM/White-Label if we hire another programmer. I appreciate all those that are subscribed to NAAIP and those that are selling via our upline.


Those over 25 hits that are not subscribed to NAAIP via selling or paying, see the following message on your website.

7 Ways To Stay In Business

1. Request Contracting from david@naaip.org for Our Top 5 Mutual Insurer.
2. Appreciate that You Are at Highest Compensation from Day One.
3. Learn the Product Line from A to Z.
4. Know that Policyholders Own the Mutual Carrier. Profits Become Dividends.
5. Write Out a List of 200 Acquaintances to be Your Warm Market.
6. Illustrate, Get Referrals and Close.
7. Understand that NAAIP Websites are an Incentive-Based Marketing Tool for Business Owners.


I am now using a more advanced camera for my YouTube Live Stream. You can see a marked uptick in video quality.

Join YouTube's NAAIP Live Stream six days per week: Monday to Thursday at Noon ET and Weekends at 2pm ET. The dial-in number stays the same with uberconference at 888-532-9320. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share my YouTube Channel. Please consider doing a one-on-one interview with me on NAAIP Live Stream.

I am here for you. Let's succeed together. 

Advertisements are on  -  after 25 hits, to hide the adverts you can sell through NAAIP, or refer others to join us. Details at conference call. We have the $14.99/month PayPal option as well.  If you sell insurance through NAAIP in the future, I will refund your payments. 

In your NAAIP back office, you can see clearly the details of how you can receive advance commissions. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.

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