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NAAIP Newsletter 7-30-2018 - Full Life Application & Other Improvements


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Hello {$name},

My head is spinning on how good NAAIP's system is. Firstly, let me tell you about NAAIP's massive website improvements.

  1. Full Life Application is Functional - Our Term Life quoter is 99.99% accurate. After getting a quote, the visitor has the option to fill out a full-life-app. Similar info that you will find in any life application. Very good programming. When completed, you get email, client gets email and it lands in your "contacted you list."
  2. Med-sup quoter gives you the option to edit the name of the insurer to Major Company #1, Major Company #2, etc. Very similar to CSG actuarial.
  3. Your Personal Image - I have noticed that 95% of agents are doing it wrong. re-upload your image to be 160*160 minimum. Google "best linkedin profile photo" for expert advice -  Your face should be 60% of the frame. Our programmer made our upload system similar to Facebook, but, it is up to you to crop. See how much better image looks! Sample site - Face is 60%.
  4. Your NAAIP website should on your domain in the proper format. Do not Forward & Mask. A properly hosted site will be secure and look great on a smartphone. 
  5. In celebration of our massive website improvements, if you have not properly hosted and need help, send me your username and password of Godaddy and I will take care of it. - GoDaddy domain names are only 99 cents per year. 

Submitting business at incredibly high compensation levels. 

  • The FEX Club - Oxford, MOO, TransAmerica, Assurity, Oxford and others.
  • and Just-in-Time contract. It is easy.
  •  The  Term Life Club - 
  • When contracting and selling, open our commission grid - You will appreciate our high levels. The Contracting Summary page - you will notice that many life carriers are dual contracting. This page shows all the contracting rules.
  • To save time, energy and protect your FICO credit score. It is in your best interest to contract when you have a piece of business. FYI: Any time you appoint with a carrier a credit inquiry is done and 5 points come off your FICO credit score. 
  • If you know you will be selling in the next two weeks, request contracting via our Surancebay link. Talk to us and tell us you will be making a sale. 
  • If you need an illustration for IUL, Whole Life, Annuities, LTC, etc. Talk to us. It is our pleasure to create these illustrations for you and submit contracting for that pending sale. 
  • We have done lots of work improving the footer of our home page's usefullness. At the very bottom of www.naaip.org you see lots of new links. Links that make it easy to sell and submit business. Refer to the bottom of www.naaip.org - Good information on underwiting, submission, etc. 
  • Experts in selling, contracting, underwriting are named in your NAAIP back office. Lots of flack from the insurance industry because NAAIP is publicizing its "incredibly high" compensation grid. For this reason, we had to put certain information behind password protection.

Our favorite FEX carrier is still Oxford Life - www.naaip.org/oxford-life. Oxford has the lowest non-smoker rates for any client from age 50-85 See our FEX Quoter of 37 insurers at bottom of naaip.org.

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