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NAAIP Newsletter 8-27-2018 - NAAIP Wants To Be Industry Standard


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NAAIP wants the majority of insurance agents in America to use our technology and brokerage services. 

A tall order. No organization has ever come close to achieving this goal. Not Metlife, not Prudential. 

The insurance carrier is dependant on you to solicit and sell the product.

You are depending on Marketing Companies and Carriers to provide tools to help.

The fact is: Only NAAIP is giving agents tools that truly helps you succeed.

NAAIP has made some great tools, and is constantly searching for tools, information and a better way.

Listed below are items that will help you prosper. 

  • NAAIP conference call is adding Sundays at 2pm ET to its schedule. As usual, conference calls are weekdays at Noon ET. We are here to assist agents 7 days per week. Contact us. 
  • Home based call centers do succeed. NAAIP is fully committed to training agents.  https://www.naaip.org/sell-final-expense-by-phonehttps://www.naaip.org/med-sup-phone-saleshttps://www.naaip.org/how-to-sell-annuities
  • https://listshackpro.com will sell you up 50,000 names/data for $50.
  • https://tmaxdialer.com - There are many dialers out there. This one has great agent support and offers a free trial (no credit card needed). 
  • Medicare agents should be aware that for every 5 sales you make - NAAIP will give you 1,000 free mailers. Always receive CMS highest allowed compensation. UHC, Humana, Aetna and SilverScripts, etc is a huge industry. 
  • All agents must be super-familiar with iPipeline (always located at footer of NAAIP home page). Some agents have had difficulty setting up an account with us. The issue would be that you have an existing iPipeline account and the "other user name" is automatically propagating in the user name field. Note the user name that is associated with NAAIP's Brokerage. As well, you may have to clear "cache." 
  •   I am diligently working to put valuable information at the footer of www.naaip.org - Last week I posted Life Insurance - Common Medical Questions and Life Underwriting Informal Inquiry Form.
  • Unless you are expert at insurer underwriting, get a detailed list of your prospect's medical/underwriting issues and the policy that your client wants. Get honest answers about marijuana, etc. Email that information to me and/or our underwriter who is listed in NAAIP's back office. Wait for the answer. It is simple. Your job is to upsell clients to IUL, ROP, financial planning, etc. NAAIP's job is present to you the product to sell your client. 
  • All agents should be super-aware that there are humongous differentials in commission levels among the various insurance marketing organizations. See our compensation grid at the footer of NAAIP.org and every email that I will send you. Have you noticed that no other IMO in the universe publishes its comp levels online?
  • I have been spending my days and nights uploading information on NAAIP insurer pages to make it easy for agents to sell. 
  • https://www.naaip.org/one-america is an example of my favorite asset-based (Hybrid) LTCi - using Whole Life or Annuities to cover LTC. Big money is flowing into this type of financial planning tool. OneAmerica makes it easy by utilizing eTickets, iPipeline and easy to access online proposals. Of course, NAAIP's brokerage department has LTCi experts that will send you illustrations for the dozen carriers that we work with. Call us. 
  • New feature on the term life quoter: On results page the insurer name is clickable. I can now put pdf brochure links on that page that pops up. I am in the process of putting three pdfs for each carrier. Our quoter is also displaying quote results for carriers that we do no brokering. Therefore, I am requesting from agents to email me relevant pdfs that you want to see on that results page.  
  • Annuities are Huge!  Stan the Annuity Man has an online annuity quoter that NAAIP cannot currently provide online.Our brokerage department can provide you similar information via email. NAAIP's brokerage provides contracting services to all the carriers listed in Stan's quoter. Learn from Stan, but sell via NAAIP!


My favorite FEX, SPWL and MYGA Annuity carrier is still Oxford Life - www.naaip.org/oxford-life. Oxford has the lowest FEX non-smoker rates for any client from age 50-85 See our FEX Quoter of 37 insurers at footer of NAAIP's home page.

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