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David Gordon

49 Year Old Health Male - 200k for 20 or 30 Year Term

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Question: DOB= 4/26/1969, male needs 20 or 30 year term for 200k

Height and weight very good, no meds, is a Capt in Vol Fire Dept besides regular job in aerospace tool and die company.

Answer: Banner: offers a drop ticket system via IGO.  You fill out a section and the carrier does the rest.  However, it’s fully underwritten.

Principal: drop ticket is available as well as e-app via IGO.  Based on the fact your client appears to be healthy, Princpial may waive the exam.

Foresters: this Foresters product is fully underwritten.

Protective: offers drop ticket or e-app.  The Custom Choice UL has better conversion options and it’s built on a UL chassis.  In the event he doesn’t convert by the end of the term, the premiums remain the same, but the death benefit decreases.  Protective just came out with Accelerated underwriting. But I am noticing that most apps are being denied accelerated and going full underwriting. 

John Hancock: prior to having a producer code, you can use an e-app on IGo.  Once you have a code, you can use their drop ticket system available on the Edison website.  JH offers accelerated underwriting, so based on the fact your client is healthy, they may waive the exam.  Includes Vitality…

Pru: offers a drop ticket via IGO.  They are fully underwritten.

Assurity – offers an e-app via IGO and should waive the exam based on the fact your client appears to be healthy.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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A term policy on a friend that’s in her last trimester of pregnancy.  Protective wanted her to take an exam and she didn’t feel like subjecting herself to that, so we switched to JH.  They issued her STD Plus, no meds, no exam…

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