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NAAIP News: August 2, 2022 - Website News - Important Information

Aaron Levy

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Hello Agent, 0⁰

Certain registrars, such as GoDaddy, requires that you stay with them for at least 60 days before you can transfer your domain to Cloudflare. To be clear, the payment to Cloudflare will credit your domain when the GoDaddy expires. You won't be double paying. It is easy to transfer your domain registration company. It is worthwhile. 

NAAIP has been using Cloudflare for the longest time for their Content Delivery Network (CDN). Cloudflare is an industry leader with 1,800 employees and a stock market capitalization of 36 Billion Dollars.

Cloudflare specializes in website security and making websites faster. It is in your best interest to open an account and transfer your domain.

Additionally, NAAIP will now be hosting new personal websites using Name Servers and not IP address. This new technique is critical for NAAIP to simplify the hosting process. Currently, GoDaddy hosts one way for IP DNS and all others have a different technique. 

With the Name Server technique, NAAIP will control your DNS and you will input your MX Records for business email and TXT Records for domain verification in your NAAIP agent back office.

More Website News:

In a few weeks, we will arbitrarily change the default header image for all agents that did not make any changes to the background header. In addition, we will add three images to make the default slider header instead of just one image at the top of your site. I am waiting till our programmer gives another 50 header image and video options in your agent back office.



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