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NAAIP News: August 17th, 2021 - We Got Terminated By Our Favored FEX Carrier. Explained Here...

Aaron Levy

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NAAIP was terminated for "lack of" production by the Final Expense / Simple Issue insurer that we publicized for over two years. Over 2,000 agents contracted and very few sales were made. A complete waste of time. 

The lesson is that Final Expense / Simple Issue is geared for marketing companies that sell leads. For the most part, the agent will be poor and will stay poor while the IMO / Marketing Company gets rich and generates sales by high pressuring new agents to empty-out their bank account purchasing leads.

This marketing company technique is not something that I want to do because, at its core, NAAIP is a tech company.  I expect NAAIP technology to be America's and then the world's default website builder/crm for insurance agents/financial advisors. No need to "rip off" anybody. 

I am learning this business and have become somewhat of an expert. I can tell you with a straight face that selling Retirement Planning (permanent policies) with a Mutual Insurer or selling Medicare is how agents earn money.

Furthermore, I now understand why NY Life's, Mass Mutual's, Northwest Mutual's captive agents are not allowed to offer any policies of less than 50K face value. Selling financial products to poor people will cause the agent to take his/her "eye off the ball."

Your job is to generate moneys for you and the insurance company while offering the client a needed product. The advantage that insurers have is the ability to offer an investment that grows tax deferred that eventually becomes tax-free. Perfect for retirement planning for middle to upper income people. 

Additionally, the mutual insurer is owned by the policyholders. Profits of the insurer become dividends of the policy. Your job as a life insurance agent is to show illustrations and close deals on this type of policy. The average yearly premium for a retirement planning permanent policy is between three and five thousand dollars. 

This is your profession. Your job is to learn the product line of NAAIP's favored Mutual Insurer, a top five carrier that has been helping families for over 150 years. 

NAAIP is now partnered with a premier  trainer for insurance agents. My next newsletter will go into more detail about Jeremy Nason, If you decide to avail Jeremy's services use coupon code  https://ipsproshop.isrefer.com/go/naaiprs/NAAIP/ to save money on its monthly fee and seminars. On our six-day per week conference, I welcome input from agents that are participating in Jeremy's workshops. 


Website News Bullet Points

  • I arbitrarily changed the header image for all agents that kept our default header image. 
  • 43 new header image options were inputted in your back-office
  • 50 new video header videos will be inputted in your back office in three days. 
  • In four days, I will arbitrarily add three additional images to all agents that are using one still header image. You really should be using "slider header" or "video header."
  • "My Team" functionality will be added on all sites in seven days. This feature is needed by financial advisor firms with multiple employees
  • Afterwards, our programmer will upload an additional four template options. Each template takes a week to implement. 
  • Our CRM/White-Label system is being worked on. Important for recruiters, especially. 
  • NAAIP is transforming itself into a high-quality website builder platform for the financial sales industry.  I expect NAAIP to be the default platform for agents throughout the USA and the world. 

I implore you to request contracting from me for our Top 5 Mutual Insurer, Our Medicare Contracting or even Dental/Health Discount Plans. Request contracting by emailing david@naaip.org.

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