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NAAIP Newsletter 9-24-2018 - Universal Life vs Whole Life/FEX

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I have a confession and a regret. NAAIP registered users stands at 9,044, but we still have not become industry standard. I am kicking myself trying to figure out that necessary next step that will take NAAIP viral. 

Sometimes I kick so much that my shin hurts.

NAAIP Latest News:

  • I made a YouTube video that explains in 3 minutes how to properly put your NAAIP site on your domain name with IP address. 
  • Click to view: I will be making additional YouTube videos that explain websites and the insurance industry. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Youtube videos should have been done years ago. Ooops.
  • Universal Life vs Final Expense Whole Life. Sagicor, American National and North American offer Universal Life policies that start at $25,000 and are guaranteed to pay a death benefit. Quotes & Underwriting are available at iPipeline. Illustrations are available at WinFlex or at our brokerage department. Rates are approximately 50% of comparable Whole Life Final Expense policies.
  • Universal Life policies is something that all Life Insurance agents should be familiar with.
  • Sagicor is my #1 choice - policy issued in 2 minutes for ages 65 and less. Age 66 and older medical records are retrieved by Sagicor. Sagicor also offers 2 minute term life up to 1 million dollars!
  • American National is my #2 choice - - policy issued in 3-4 days for ages 65 and less. Age 66 and up medical records are retrieved by American National. ANICO also offers fast underwriting term for 250k and less, and fast underwriting in many cases above that amount.
  • North American is my #3 choice. Paramed needed for all cases age 51 and up. Critical, chronic and terminal illness benefits is included on all products. Accelerated death benefits if diagnosed. North American also offers term life for ages 18-50 - up to 1 million in coverage that is issued in 3-4 days.
  • Additional info about these carriers is available by clicking the hyperlink. I would like all NAAIP agents to be contracted and ready to sell Sagicor Life!
  • It is so important that any marketing entity should come accross as Uber-Professional. You will notice that Login at NAAIP is now easier. Login to your NAAIP back office with Google, MSN, Facebook, LinkedIn. Soon Yahoo. 
  • NAAIP's Sunday Conference Call at 2pm ET is a welcome addition to our Weekdays Noon ET schedule. Looking forwarding to hearing from you. 
  • At the footer of NAAIP home page I added a MIB Dispute Information Link.I am always looking for relevant information to help you sell.

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