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NAAIP News: Sept 22nd, 2021 - Insurance Selling, Leads and Website News

Aaron Levy

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Hello Agent, 

I am excited about my new job, which is to instruct you how to make a living in this industry. 

Facts That Are Relevant To Your Chosen Profession. 

1. Your job is to turn yourself into a needed professional that offers needed services.
2. If #1 does not occur, or you don't even try to make #1 occur, it is probably best to find a job that pays a salary.
3. US Federal employees have average incomes of (excluding benefits) of $90,510 in 2020. While the average length of service of these federal employees is 12.3 years.
4. If you are not going to do the insurance selling career properly, then working for the federal government is a good idea.

The cost of living a middle-class American lifestyle keeps on going up.  Wasting a few years of your working years being "scammed" by a slick insurance agent recruiter is not good. 

The vast majority of insurance agents that I speak to daily are completely befuddled as to their primary task in the insurance sales industry. As well, these same agents are "lost" as to pointing out the primary benefit that a life insurance carrier can offer.

This being the case, it is no wonder that most insurance agent recruiting organizations (IMOs) endeavor to wipe out the savings of recruits by selling leads. 

NAAIP has a long-term solution for you desire to have a respectable profession with an upper middle-class lifestyle. 

Talk to me, I can help you. 

Website News:

NAAIP is focused on having agents sell traditional life insurance and not selling burial policies to "broke" people. I arbitrarily moved the Final Expense quote engine lower in the page on your website if the FEX quote engine was at the header of your website. If you desire, you can go to your NAAIP back office and reverse the change at Edit Your Site > Quote Engines > Quote Engine Positions

Right now, our main programmer is working to implement "My Team."

Afterwards, the programmer will implement a GooglePay subscription option in addition to PayPal. PayPal increased their charges to above industry standard rates. Therefore, we will be incentivizing agents to change to GooglePay.

Then, the programmer will implement a seamless system in which agents can buy the personalized domain from NAAIP. We are trying to keep things simple.

Obviously, I would prefer if you sell insurance through our recruiter-level compensation and incentive-based marketing lead systems. 

In two weeks we will begin uploading the additional four templates that are already built. 

Concurrently, our junior programmer is working on our NAAIP's "White Label" and CRM system.

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