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NAAIP News: Nov 5, 2021 - NAAIP vs New York Life vs Americo - Important Information

Aaron Levy

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Hello Agent, 

Agents across the country are trying to figure out the best way to make a living selling life insurance / financial products.

I have spoken to tens of thousands of agents (at my 6-day per week video conference call) and have a good idea of what is going on. 

Here are your options:

New York Life - Career agents - Start at 55% commission and stay there.  I have been told that one can move to 90% compensation if you achieve 3 consecutive months of over 10K production. If you drop your production, then compensation goes back to 55%. You are an employee attached to a local office. Only able to sell NYLife, which means if you get fired or leave, you lose all future commissions

On the plus side, NYLife is a Mutual Life Insurer, which is HUGE. NYLife has in-house managers who walk you through how to make money. The trainers will prevent you from making huge mistakes, such as ignoring the fact that the main benefit of a life insurance policy is tax deferred and then tax-free income. Permanent life policies sold to middle and upper income clients is how a life insurance agent earns his/her livelihood

Americo - Independent agents - Marketing companies (IMOs) love Americo. I have seen Americo's IMO compensation grid and the upline is earning 185%! 185% is Huge. Substantially higher than anything I have seen. Severely over-priced products which are replaced with ease. Obviously, the sky-high upline commissions are built into the policy rates.

Most agents start at 100% for these products, with incentives to move up if numerous sales occur. 

Americo is a privately owned company. Smaller policies will be sold, which is great for IMOs. Obviously, you would need to see numerous prospects to prosper. 

If the client shops the competition after the Americo sale, oftentimes the client will cancel. That is the risk the agent takes when selling an overpriced policy.

Privately owned insurers are at a definite disadvantage versus Mutual carriers in selling bigger policies. To earn money in this business, one must be showing illustrations which highlight tax deferred and then tax-free income for retirement planning purposes. 

Note: Mutual Insurers are owned by the policyholders and profits flow into policyholder's policies in the form of dividends. Agents will sell bigger,  retirement planning, permanent policies from mutual insurers because the illustrations show generous interest rates, etc. 


NAAIP - We are not an IMO, we do not recommend specific carrier contracting to agents. At our 6-day per week video conference call, we can guide you in this business. 

You are invited to use NAAIP websites as an incentive-based marketing tools. Sales are booming for agents that are taking my advice on this unique lead system

NAAIP has a 6-day per week video conference call that we can have an extended chat / tutelage. Implementation is paramount and implementation is up to you. I am not holding your hand

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