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NAAIP Newsletter 10-27-2018 - Ads Coming in Future


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I am incredibly proud of the great system that NAAIP programmers and designers have created. My business plan from a few years ago was straight forward.

  • Free client-facing insurance agent websites that are superior in quality to anything available anywhere.
  • Quoters that will facilitate collecting visitor name, email and phone.
  • Teach agents to move their website up Google.
  • Absolute highest recruiting contracts will be offered to NAAIP by the insurers because of the multitude of agents in our system.
  • Offer agents insurance contracts with substantially higher commissions than other IMOs, FMOs and recruiters. 

Mission Accomplished. NAAIP is a success story. There are two big negatives. 

  • Even though NAAIP has higher payouts, many agents are still submitting business at lower commission thru other recruiting entities.
  • NAAIP computer programmers want more money, especially considering that they have built a world-class system and the cost of living keeps on going up.

The Solution:

  • $19.99/month when your website reaches 1,000 hits for the contact forms to work. Your website will still be free-forever but the contact forms are "sort of" important.
  • One sale via NAAIP upline waives one month of website fees.
  • One sale via NAAIP upline by a referred agent waives one month as well.
  • Agents will list their sale details in their NAAIP back office. In essence, self-reporting their sales in order that their contact forms will continue to work after 1,000 hits. 
  • Programming work must be implemented for agents to self-report their sales and be credited for referred agent sales. This takes time. 
  • Extraordinary circumstances. Certain carriers we be considered multiple sales (such as www.naaip.org/oxford-life). Big sales will get more credit, etc. One month I will feel generous and announce that if you join my YouTube channel and make a favorable comment it will give you a month. We can have lots of fun with this. Talk to me.
  • This payment/"contact form continuing to work" system will commence at the earliest on February 1st, 2019.
  • In the meantime, any sale that you make till then can be credited when payments/sales are needed.
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