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NAAIP Newsletter: Feb 1, 2022 - Family First Life Receives Cease and Desist from FTC

Aaron Levy

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Hello,  It should be noted the NAAIP is being sued in West Palm Beach Federal Court for defamation by FFL, Family First Life. The following email is the major reason we are being sued. 

Case No. 9:22-cv-80243-AMC. We are at the beginning stages of the court proceedings. Trial date is expected to be in April 2023. The initial email actually mentioned FFL instead of Lead selling IMO. It should be noted that this post has 83 hits so far on 6-4-22, when this post was unhidden.

"There is nothing new under the sun" as stated in The Book of Ecclesiastes.

New insurance agents come into this business excited about leaving the world of hard labor and small pay. These new agent bank accounts are prime target for being emptied by sophisticated fraudsters. 

The newest and maybe greatest incarnation of a white-collar con job is what Lead Selling IMO is doing to tens of thousands of agents. 

It is a high-tech campaign that is successful in its mission and causes individual agents to spend thousands of dollars on bogus leads. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stepped in to protect gullible insurance agents with a cease and desist order - read here.

A big high five to Mindy Rutstein who has been posting on Facebook and LinkedIn, on this subject starting three weeks ago. Even before the FTC cease and desist or was publicly known. Below are Mindy's posts over the last three weeks. 


(First post - three weeks ago) Lead Selling IMO Recruiters Lie and Lie and Lie. It is getting ridiculous.

I hop on Facebook and LinkedIn and I see Lead Selling IMO recruiters doing their darnedest to deceive and lie.

The latest incarnation is Todd Hausberger's post:

"According to Indeed.com in 2021, the average life insurance agent makes $111,829 @ Lead Selling IMO vs less than half at State Farm and other places."

This average salary claim has no basis in reality. Multitudes of Lead Selling IMO agents use https://www.naaip.org free-forever insurance agent website builder. We speak to Lead Selling IMO agents and almost all are broke and coming in and then out of this business.

This seemingly factual statement from indeed.com is so convincing that I have seen other Lead Selling IMO recruiters using 111K/per year salary line. It is total fraud. Designed to deceive.

Lead Selling IMO is a lead seller. Lead sellers lie frequently. I have to believe that Lead Selling IMO management is endorsing this fraud because so many Lead Selling IMO are lying regularly.

I continue with Mr. Hausberger Fraud Post. "Because they have the highest paying commission in the industry." "76% above the national average!!!"

Made up numbers and facts. Designed to deceive and defraud. To cause gullible agents to buy leads from Lead Selling IMO.

Obviously, in any system that you are a downline of a downline, etc., etc. will not have high compensation. New agents may not know this.

I do know that Lead Selling IMO encourages agents to sell Americo. Most Lead Selling IMO agent start at 100% while the upline is at 185% for this severely overpriced and easy to replace product line. A completely bad deal for consumers and agents alike.

Lead Selling IMO. I implore you to stop these fraudulent and deceptive posts which enrich your home office.


(Second post, two weeks ago) Lead Selling IMO, lying is endemic to their business model.

Lead Selling IMO lies are not victimless. My phone is ringing off the hook. I have internal documents that were sent to me from recruiters at level 145.

I am not sure what will happen first. A class action lawsuits against Lead Selling IMO or state attorney generals filing lawsuits.

Lead Selling IMO's business model involves lying and deception. This causes thousands of agents to empty out their bank accounts to buy their leads and go broke.

The issue of "highest commissions" is a lie. I know of places that new agents can start at Lead Selling IMO's level 135 or level 145 on Day 1.

On a training level, it is a joke. Lead Selling IMO model is to have gullible agents buy leads from day one. Which is terrible advice. But great for a lead seller.

(Third post, last week) Let's call a spade a spade. Lead Selling IMO, are fraudsters.

The federal government, the FTC, is now involved and awarded FFL a "Cease and Desist" to stop their fraudulent claims. 

The Federal Trade Commission "has determined that Lead Selling IMO is unlawfully misrepresenting that consumers who become Lead Selling IMO business opportunity participants are likely to earn substantial income." 

"Your business opportunity participants and representatives must immediately cease making all express and implied earnings claims that would be false or misleading to current or prospective participants."

"Receipt of these notices of penalty offenses puts your company on notice that engaging in the conduct described therein could subject you to civil penalties of up to $43,792 per violation."

The FTC wants "Lead Selling IMO to certify that Lead Selling IMO and its participants and representatives have ceased making express and implied earnings claims that would be false or misleading to current or prospective participants."

Legal Overview: 

In determining whether an earnings representation is likely to mislead consumers, courts consider the overall “net impression” it creates. Claims of “potential” earnings imply that such earnings are representative of what the typical participant achieves.

For the full FTC letter to Lead Selling IMO - click here https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/warning-letters/cease_and_desist_letter_to_family_first_life_llc-_12.27.2021.pdf - to see the original letter 

Unfortunately, the FTC will not reimburse victims of Lead Selling IMO's fraudulent actions. NAAIP, www.naaip.org, will be spearheading a class-action lawsuit against Lead Selling IMO. Stay tuned. 

Lead Selling IMO fraudulent claims were designed to sell gullible agents their recycled-overpriced leads. Numerous victims suffered financially. 

To ensure that you are in the loop regarding joining the class-action lawsuit against Lead Selling IMO, please create the free-forever website builder designed for insurance agents at www.naaip.org.


(Fourth post, this week) Why Do I Care to Expose Lead Selling IMO as Fraudsters?

The answer: Lead Selling IMO are Fraudsters. That is a fact.

New agents are being wiped out financially by Lead Selling IMO's lies.

After speaking and corresponding with hundreds of Lead Selling IMO agents, my estimation is that the new agent is, on average, buying two thousand dollars in leads. I am assuming that Lead Selling IMO leads are being sold to an average of 7 agents.

One agent tells me, based on his insider knowledge, that each lead is sold to 7 different agents. I believe him.

One agent tells me that he bought a $500 batch of leads, and a girl in his office had the same names on her $500 batch of leads.

It is completely understandable how the Lead Selling IMO fraud works.

* Make new, gullible agents believe that they have a real possibility to be earning $250,000 annual salary in twelve months.

* These new agents know nothing. And all the new agent has to do is spend $750 a week on leads to be able to earn $250,000. Three weeks pass by and Lead Selling IMO has earned $2,250 selling garbage data.

* Rinse and repeat. New agents come in to buy more leads based on the incredibly persuasive and false social media posts that have been given a Cease and Desist by the FTC.

Click here - https://lnkd.in/d7DkUKXs to see the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) order.

Please join https://www.naaip.org which provides free-forever website builder with quote engines for insurance agents. NAAIP will be spearheading a class-actions lawsuit against the fraudsters at Lead Selling IMO.

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