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NAAIP Newsletter: Dec 15, 2021 - Mutual Insurer vs a "for profit" corporate owned insurer

Aaron Levy

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Unfortunately, NAAIP no longer offers contracting. This is an older era.


, NAAIP can offer agents the top contract from a Top 5 Mutual Life Insurer. Your job depends on understanding and explaining the benefits of a Mutual Insurer vs a "for profit" corporate owned insurer.

Agents must know that the Mutual Insurer is owned by the policyholders, and profits are paid out as dividends to the insurer's whole life policyholders. 

I need you to learn the benefits of NAAIP's "Preferred Mutual Life Carrier."

  • More "Living Benefits" than anyone in the industry. It is a disability and LTC policy combined with life insurance.
  • #2 Market leader for Indexed Annuities / Pension Plans for business owners and public employees. 
  • #1 Seller of Indexed Universal Life (IUL).
  • #9 Seller of Individual Life Insurance. 
  • Focussed on "Middle America." Yet, a product line that competes favorably with captive insurers such as New York Life, Northwest Mutual, and Mass Mutual.
  • Selling Life Insurance since the 1840s.
  • Last, but not least. NAAIP offers agents a game changing, top-level contract. Direct pay from carrier. Vested from Day One. 

Every NAAIP agent should request contracting, for our "Preferred Mutual Life Carrier." I will send you the contracting link, and you are expected to learn the product line, which can be done by attending the carrier's online webinars which are 5 days per week.

At my 6-day per week video conference calls, we can review the implementation of selling strategies. In essence, we are topping out the compensation levels with the expectation that you will be the rain-maker. That you will properly sell life insurance. 

In a few days, NAAIP will be making "live" on your website Instant, Online Term Life. The agent of record for sales will be a NAAIP home office agent. Standard compensation will be 110%, which is extremely generous.

Direct contracts will only be offered to NAAIP subscribers or  those with an insurance website. A NAAIP home office employee will personally speak to every client to figure out from which website link the sale originated from. If the sale comes in from a paid or selling subscriber, then NAAIP will pay the agent 110% for the 20 and 30-year term. 100% on a 15-year term and 95% on a 10-year term.

An alternative for a non-subscriber is that you can tell us the name of the client who inputted the sale, and you will be paid at the standard 110% commission level.

If you are a non-subscriber and someone inputs a sale on your website, and you don't tell me the name of the client, I will be thankful for your generosity in helping finance the NAAIP tech project.

My previous email stated that pay would be 60% for non-subscribers. That is not a good idea, since you may have a higher commission term life insurer that you would be incentivized to replace the sale with.

Even though, You will have a simple and fast way to implement term life sales, I have to encourage you to properly learn this profession. Showing illustrations which show the benefits of permanent life insurance is how life insurance agents traditionally have earned their livelihood.

I expect that NAAIP subscribership will boom with this added incentive. This development incentives me to help you get your website working well. I am here to help you succeed. Please avail these wonderful opportunities.

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