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NAAIP Newsletter 11-26-2018 - IUL Information


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Lots of thought and effort go into this monthly newsletter. I appreciate that many agents have expressed their gratitude for my company's good work. 

Latest News since last month:

1. IUL - Indexed Universal Life -  www.naaip.org/iul-information

  • Very comprehensive page that explains the IUL. 
  • Lists our favorite carriers. You notice that I love National Life Group.
  • This week I will write a telemarketing phone script for IUL that will compliment the phone scripts below. 


After spending a month researching the IUL,  I have come to the conclusion that an agent that is not thoroughly comfortable explaining and selling an IUL has wasted his/her time becoming an insurance agent. 

The main bullet point is that an IUL is that it is the only financial vehicle in the USA that allows:

Virtually unlimited deposits that grow tax-deferred and eventually become tax-free. 

2. www.naaip.org/oxford-life sales are going strong. Point of Sale Issue of the policy is Huge. Lowest rates on FEX for non-smokers ages 50-85.  Talk to me. Change is sometimes good. Compensation got raised for SPWL and their fixed annuities are industry leaders.

3. Medicare Leads. NAAIP offers highest CMS allowed compensation on Medicare Advantage. Agents that desire to have a Medicare selling booth in Walmart next year, Please tell me. Reserve now!

If you are selling Medicare via another up-line that does not give you free mailers. Switch to NAAIP. It is easy. As well, NAAIP makes selling Medicare Advantage over-the-phone a snap. Ask me. 

4. Name Server Technique to Host Domains Will End on January 1, 2019. 

a. Agents that have used NAAIP's Name Servers of n3.naaip.org and ns4.naaip.org must change Name Server to default and host via the IP address technique.

b. Agents with the Name Server Technique with a business domain name email need to input their MX records in DNS. 
c. www.whatsmydns.com shows your current NS (Name Server).  As well, your MX records which allows your email to function. 

d. Your domain registration company (i.e GoDaddy) can do this for you or you can email me your GoDaddy user name and password. 
e. Fixes will be implemented during the daily conference call (now 6 days per week). 

f. You must attend and ask moderator to check his email. 
g. Your site/email will be up and running well by the end of the conference call. 

h. Most NAAIP sites that were hosted by NAAIP from January 1, 2016 to August 1, 2018 used Name Servers Technique. 

i. The elimination of the Name Server Technique is needed to increase site upload speed. 

YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS.

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