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NAAIP Newletter: March 15, 2022 - NAAIP No Longer Offering Insurer Contracting

Aaron Levy

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NAAIP is now laser focused on providing website building technology for all insurance agents and financial advisors.

Many of you have witnessed NAAIP's transformation into an industry-leading platform and moving forward I want IMOs, FMOs, team leaders and uplines referring agents to us. 

Here is the plan. Your website is still free and always will be. Advertisements appear after 10 hits.

To hide those advertisements, a payment/loan of as little of $12/monthly is sufficient if paid 24 months in advance. $15/monthly - 12 months in advance. $18 - 3 months in advance and $21 - monthly. 

Alternatively, in your NAAIP payment page, there is a box to input a sale in lieu of a payment. NAAIP wants to partner with various uplines to offer you an ad-free website for free.

Encourage your IMO, FMO or upline to call my office, so we can offer our services to more agents. 

There are still places on NAAIP.org that gives the impression that we offer contracting services and are competing with IMOs. That content will be deleted/edited in the coming days. 

Regarding my previous weeks' newsletter regarding FFL, Family First Life. The posts of Mindy Rutstein are no longer live on LinkedIn or Facebook. Since the negativity on Mindy's post are no longer live, I assume that Mindy's allegations were not true. 

Going forward, I will be writing about things that I know about in my endeavor to help insurance agents and financial advisors.

Lead systems: The greatest lead system is incentive-based marketing. Offer your business owner clients your expertise in building a website. Do it for them (especially building trade professionals) and see your business skyrocket.  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.

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