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NAAIP Newsletter 3-25-22: speak to your IMO, FMO or Upline today!

Aaron Levy

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Hello Agent,  

Lots of positive feedback from my previous email blast that went out to 14,751 agents. Uplines, IMOs and carriers have known about the NAAIP project for years and were somewhat awed by the number of agents who use our technology. NAAIP is a recruiting juggernaut. 

We tried unsuccessfully to parley websites into being an upline ourselves. To say it bluntly, "it did not work."

There is a "Plan B" and I need your involvement. Speak to your IMO, FMO, team leader, upline or insurance company marketing department today.

Tell them that NAAIP is the perfect tool to:

  • Make the agent be impressive
  • Keep recruited agents loyal to the carrier, upline, IMO, etc.
  • Generate leads. Whether as a landing page/funnel when a prospect visits your site, or as an incentive-based tool to offer gifts to business owners.

NAAIP has the skill set to train/explain to agents on a multitude of insurance products/concepts during our 6-day per week video conference calls.

NAAIP has the ability to reciprocate and refer agents to uplines or insurers as a "thank you" for helping us become the industry default website builder.

Currently, we are not referring agents anywhere. I am hoping that this will change.

If you make the introduction to a decent-sized upline or insurer which refers agents to us, your NAAIP website will be advertisement free-forever for free.

The $12/month to keep your site advertisement free should be paid by your upline or IMO. But you have to make the request.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.

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