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NAAIP News: 6/1/22 - Greg Birch Whistleblower Interview - Now on YouTube

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The Greg Birch whistleblower interview is jaw-dropping.
Click to hear on YouTube - https://youtu.be/DJCpkNDbIDo
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I was hoping that the lead-selling IMO, who is paying their lead attorney $1,200 per hour, would drop the case against me.

The plaintiff attorney told me, that the lead-selling IMO will end up spending one million dollars if this case goes to trial. 

Hearing these numbers, I am, like. "Lets be friends."

There was an attorney's meeting (I am representing myself) earlier in the week, in which all sides get together to present to the judge the deadlines for procedures. Tentative trial date will be in April 2023. West Palm Beach Federal Court. Case No. 9:22-cv-80243-AMC.

At that meeting, the plaintiff attorney tells me that the supposed defamation was a "minor" point. It is apparent to me that their goal is to "shut me down."

On my six-day per week video conference calls, I state, day after day, that it is the agent's job to learn and implement the skill-set to generate leads.

My existing is a threat to their business model.  Greg Birch states in minute 29 of the interview: "thousands of agents spent thousands of dollars on leads and did not make any sales."

What is a million dollars in legal fees, when three thousand agents spending three thousand dollars each equals $9,000,000

Plus, I will busy for the next year acting all lawyerly instead of working on building up NAAIP.

I appreciate those agents that have been interviewed by me on YouTube. My job for the next year is to interview more agents. An agent a day.

If the lead-selling IMO believes that I have countless friends, then they will come to their senses and drop the lawsuit. 

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