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FFL, Family First Life Class Action Lawsuit

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Family First Life and Shawn Meaike were served in a class action lawsuit. To view the lawsuit that was filed last week in the US District Court, Southern District of California.

Click here - https://www.naaip.org/first-family-life-class-action-lawsuit-ffl.pdf 

Chris Wellman, the attorney, requested my help to find lead plaintiffs in the various states.

Each state has distinct laws that would cause additional penalties for lawbreakers, but an agent from that particular state must step forward as the leader of the class, otherwise reliance on federal law will prevail.

The two issues being litigated are 1. Lead fraud - agents that have bought leads from Family First Life.

The second issue is 2. Trouble getting released from carriers after wanting to leave FFL.

Being involved in FFL leads is easy to prove or disprove, obviously.

Trouble getting released is another story. FFL recruiting material stated, "You can come and go as you please, go work wherever you want."

Yet, when agents requested to move their contract elsewhere, onerous requirements were made to obtain FFL's signature to release. I suppose, once an FFL agent knew of these "onerous requirements" most agents would have given up on the issue and waited the 6-months of no sales for his/her preferred carrier.

The class action is focused on these two issues only. There is a distinct possibility that the lawsuit will be amended to only cover lead fraud. 

Agents are encouraged to seek justice in the state court system. Lost wages, punitive and treble (triple) damages are available in many jurisdictions. Please join NAAIP's daily video conference call, and we will walk you through the steps to attain justice.

It should be noted that many agents entered the Family First Life IMO based on deceptive recruiting. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) served Family First Life a cease & desist on these deceptive practices on December 27, 2021.

"The FTC determined that Family First life is unlawfully misrepresenting that consumers who become Family First Life business opportunity participants are likely to earn substantial income."

I would like you to interview you  to our YouTube Channel dedicated to this matter. Click here for the current interviews online - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJVKYiW2lCj5oHUZkuMJJEIQAZzhWQisX
I am adding new videos every day. 

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Leads suck with more than FFL... they are quite clearly, everyone that i have used to get leads, completely duping potential clients with promises of sweepstakes, etc...ALL OF THE IMOS. Additionally, getting the required signatures from ANY IMO is a nightmare. Good luck with the law suit.

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Hello ,

I created a page on NAAIP's community forum for the latest news on FFL's class-action lawsuit regarding lead fraud. You are welcome to leave comments. Click here

On this page you will see:

  • A link to the class-action lawsuit
  • A link to FFL's FTC cease & desist from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • A link to NAAIP's YouTube Playlist of interviews to be used in litigation against FFL.
  • I need you to view, comment, like and share videos from this playlist.
  • Subscribe to NAAIP's YouTube channel. 

Most likely, the provision on the lawsuit dealing with "releases" will be retracted. Class-action lawsuits should be narrow in focus to enjoin as many victims as possible. 

Class-action lawsuits are typically the legal recourse when large corporations inflict small amounts of damage on numerous people.

After reading the class action and consulting attorneys, my recommendation is that victims of Family First Life should file legal actions in their state court. Federal court's minimum claim would be $75,000.

  • State law is usually more protective of consumers than federal law. Yet, one can file in Federal Court and collect on state laws.
  • You can claim damages for "release" issues. Attorney Chris Wellman was kind enough to write down the argument for you in his filing.
  • You can claim damages for lost wages, time and effort.
  • You can claim emotional damages.
  • You can claim additional damages. Most states grant treble (triple) for this type of tort.
  • You can claim legal fees.
  • I recommend that you file pro-se. Represent yourself.  Availing the legal system is easy. Go to your local courthouse. Talk to the Clerk of Court, who is there to help you. I will help you.
  • If you refuse to protect your rights as an American in availing our justice system, I recommend that you cease working as a sole proprietor. Find a job in a big company that has a labor union. 
  • You will file the complaint, fill out the "pro se" form in which you tell the court your contact information including email address. You will print the complaint in multiple copies.
  • Name the defendant. I Googled "Connecticut Secretary of State corporation search", inputted "family first life". Shawn Meaike is the principle and agent. A person, other than yourself, must give, "serve",  the lawsuit to Mr. Meaike or his representative. 
  • After filing the lawsuit, contact me and I can supply you with the contact information of FFL's two main attorneys. Both bill at more than $1,199 per hour.
  • The court proceeding would be in your local area since Shawn Meaike and FFL are operating a business in your area.
  • Large corporations with potential disputes nationwide usually have  written agreements that mandate that disputes be settled via arbitration in the corporate headquarters' hometown. If needed by an interested party, I downloaded Shawn Meaike's introduction 5-minute YouTube video, in which he talks about "fresh leads" and "no contracts." 
  • The class action case needs lead plaintiffs in each state. One is not allowed to double-dip. You cannot collect on both the personal and class action lawsuit on the same issue. If you were the lead plaintiff in the class-action in "Nebraska" and sued personally, then FFL would be encouraged to settle your claim in order that you would "drop out" as the lead plaintiff for Nebraska.
  • Please reply to me if you have bought leads from FFL. Tell me the approximate amount of your purchases.
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