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FEX Quote Engine Placement

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Of course, one option is to pay fexquotes 25/month.  We have coupon codes. There are other options. Please come to daily conference call at noon ET. We'll discuss.

The place to put the html iframe would be in Content management... If you just want the link - you can link it from Pop-Up over header.. Changing the wording.. Even at the bottom of the site under banners and hyperlinks.. making a banner image for that link....

It makes most sense to put in content.. with iframe html code.. so that the quoter shows on your site..

When editing your page - in Content Management - Below content - Click HTML - Place the html code there.

Realize that when editing html that there is a beginning tag and an ending tag.

Example. bold would be <strong> I am bold </strong>  - avoid inserting any sort of code in the middle of other tags/commands.  


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