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NAAIP Newsletter 12-24-2018 - Footer of www.naaip.org


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As you probably know, NAAIP is attempting to be the the Go-To place for every insurance agent. Progress is being made. 

1. The footer of www.naaip.org and its sub-pages has a library of links. If you spend a weekend clicking, reading, registering and understanding. It will be as if you have received a bachelor's degree in insurance selling. Spend the time and effort, it is your livelihood. 

2. I am always adding information to the NAAIP  footer. This week, 11 PDFs totaling 429 pages were added that are a must read for all licensed agents/financial salespeople.

3. Insurance Leads - NAAIP has a new, improved way to help agents achieve success.  www.naaip.org/lead-services - Lots of new information and links. 

NAAIP members will receive tutelage as to setting up lead generation. Expert advise. YouTube and other lead companies are great tool for example sales pitches. Your Lead Generator Telepro should generate 1.75 leads per hour - There are American companies that will hire the Filipino and charge you between $10 and $12 per lead. Then you would need a higher quality appointment setter that an American company will charge you $16 per appointment and schedule your day via Google Calendar/Contacts - for you to run appointments.

Home Based Telemarketer Marketplace - 20,000 Phone Pros Freelancers - Software included

Philippines Call Center - Minimum 4 Workers/full time/$8 per hour - Software included

Worlds Largest Outsourcing Portal - Twelve Million registered freelancers

Leads - FaceBook Leads are Hot in 2019 - Facebook Leads brings Local Clients


4. To expedite the selling process: 

  1. casedesign@naaip.org: Illustrations/Expert advice for all situations. Don't be shy. We are here to serve you. Give every detail of your prospect. You will get expert advice as to which product to sell.

5. I made a thirteen minute YouTube video that explains exactly how to move your website up Google. Please watch, then implement. An additional video will be made this week that will show you how to change the default video on your NAAIP website. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Click Alert to be Alerted when I make New Videos. 

6. NAAIP increased Font Size system-wide on all websites. It looks better. If this change has not been successfully implemented on your website then edits can be made in Content Management in your Back Office.

7. At Invite a Friend Tab - We included a function in which you can see the status of your invited Agent. Credits will be given to active, referred agents. 

8. YouTube explanation to change IP Address to NAAIP's in your DNS.

Your site: {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! - If you don't feel like following the 3 minute video above, send me your GoDaddy (or other registration company) user name and password. I will do it for you. 

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