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Question: on www.naaip.org/allianz-life you  wrote about 145 percent participation uncapped.. what does that mean.

Answer: Allianz offers a few different uncapped strategies with participation rates.  Currently they offer a at least two uncapped strategies with 160% participation rates.  So, if the index returns 10%, with a 160% par rate, the client would earn 16%.  Uncapped means there is no cap placed on the client’s earning potential.  Makes sense?

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Question: Allianz Life vs Columbus Life vs North America

My target market is W2 employees in CA and I will use IUL for retirement planning. I may go out to TX as well. 
 I will need access to illustration software and I prefer the app be entirely digital. 
Give me the pros and cons on Allianz. For instance, are they good with rated cases? Are they good with living benefits? Do they require blood in CA? How do they compare with cash accumulation and cash out for retirement planning?

Answer:  Allianz has an e-app and is non-med up to 1.5 mil and age 60 provided the clients are healthy. They are not great with rated case and are not known for living benefits although they do have a decent chronic illness rider. However between the ages of 20 and 60 they are among the best, if not the best for cash accumulation and tax free income.  Columbus Life has a very solid product, e-app, non-med up to 1 mil, solid living benefits and will table shave from table c to standard up to 1 mil and age 70. They accumulate very well, but they are all S&P based and come in second to Allianz for accumulation and tax free income.

Question: For cash accumulation, Columbus life over North American?
Answer: I think so. I also think Columbus Life has better underwriting.

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