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NAAIP Newsletter 4-1-2019 - YouTube

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Hello {$name},

The Following is the Latest News:

  • I have spent over 1,000 hours on YouTube watching other recruiters/trainers spout off their special knowledge about insurance sales. 
  • I, personally, have 20 years in this industry. Right from the start at the very top earnings level.  Face to Face & Over-the-Phone for multiple product lines. 
  • I have spoken to thousands of agents over the past few years as NAAIP has become a powerful force. Offering free technology and highest commissions. 
  • My conference call is 6 days per week. A lot of talking and listening.
  • I respectfully request that you:
  • Ask me a question, give me a topic that you want a detailed video explanation.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - then click "The Bell" to be alerted to new videos.
  • Like & Comment on individual videos.
  • I get alerted to every comment on my NAAIP Channel. Ask the question in the comment section of my YouTube video.
  • A few weeks ago, I bought a better microphone. You will notice that the audio sounds better on the recent videos.
  • Very soon, I will buying video equipment - My fans will be able to see that I am reasonably handsome. lol.
  • Every so often, I will be "Live-Streaming" our daily conference call. Those that Subscribe and be Alerted will be notified by email whenever live-streaming occurs.

    A few recent YouTube videos.
  • How to Move Your NAAIP Site up Google
  • Two Most Important Factors in Phone Selling/Appointment Setting
  • Using a Free Will to Help You Sell Insurance
  • Selling Final Expense over the Phone - Amazing Phone Script

    Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money.


David Gordon
direct & sms: (561)440-9245 (I Love Text Messages)

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NAAIP Members Nationwide: 9,739
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Dial 1(888)532-9320

casedesign@naaip.org: Illustrations/Expert advice for all situations. Don't be shy. We are here to serve you. Give every detail of your prospect. You will get expert advice as to which product to sell.

Register for AgentXcelerator - This gives you access to a 100% accurate Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage & Part D Quote quote engine. 

  • To whitelist NAAIP's email. Add david@naaip.org to your contact list by emailing back. Say "Hello."
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