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NAAIP Newsletter 5-10-2019- Advertisements

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Hello {$name},

My programmers are having a party. NAAIP has created a website builder for insurance agents that is far superior to anything anywhere. 

Quite a few agents contract and sell through us and enjoy guaranteed highest commissions. The  FEX Club, The  Term Life Club, The IUL Club.

Sadly, not enough sales are coming in to pay our bills. 

Here's the plan. After 1,000 hits (I have decided to lower this to 50 hits), advertisements will appear on your website.

I really don't want your money. The fact is that each additional user does not cost NAAIP extra expenses. It is a computer program, doggonit.

Anyways, Click Ads/Sales List/Paypal in your NAAIP back office. It will be on the left side buttons, towards the bottom, right above "Invite a Friend."

  • After 50 hits ads will appear on your site. Input your paypal/credit/debit card, or sale information to remove ads. 
  • Sales made with NAAIP upline will credit you for a free month. We will gladly revert the charges.
  • Referred agents are appreciated. A referred agent who properly hosts his/her website will get you a free month. 
  • If you pay NAAIP and make a sale or referral sale later, I will revert the charges or send you cash via PayPal. 
  • Example: You are over 1,000 hits (I have decided to lower this to 50 hits) and pay $14.99 per month for 3 years. Suddenly, You make 36 Medicare, annuity, life, dental, health or anything sales. I will send you back the cash you have paid.

An alternative to selling, paying or referring will be making a purchase on Amazon/Walmart Online. Then spend 2 minutes of your valuable time to help us sell more merchandise. Items can be as low as $8. Items are listed in NAAIP back office. 

I don't want to lose even one agent - I will  be super generous - At our daily conference call I will tell you the Promo Code.

If you are super unsuccessful in this business, I can be even more generous, send me an sms or email  and explain to me why $14.99 is too much for you.

Sell one of 100 carriers at the Highest Commissions in the Industry!  Don't Pay - Sell at the Highest Compensation!

  • Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done.                                                                                                  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money

https://www.naaip.org/buy-domain Scroll down and you will see step one and two and a 3 minute video. Watch it. If you still cannot figure out just send me your user name and PW from GoDaddy. I am only only allowed to go in your registration (i.e. GoDaddy) back office if you have hidden the adverts on your NAAIP site that appear after 50 hits. Either by selling, paying or referring. We can discuss on daily conference call.

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