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NAAIP Newsletter 5-14-2019- Ad Addendum

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You may have read Friday's email blast which is archived on our forum. https://www.naaip.org/community/topic/72-naaip-newsletter-5-10-2019-advertisements/

The changes will be that monthly charge to hide ads will be lowered to $19.99 per month. You still get a free month for selling/referring to NAAIP. Every sale or referral sale/payment credits you a month.

As well, at the daily conference call (6 days per week) I will give out the Promo Code to make the first month for $0.99. I need agents to help us in this project. Top quality programming, design and hosting costs money.

Recently, I discovered that GoDaddy charges $18 per year for domain registration after the first year's 99 cent promo code. I highly recommend that you transfer your domain to CloudFlare which will do similar at the wholesale price of $8.03 per year. If you own multiple domains or intend on keeping your domain for a long time then it is definitely worth the few minutes it takes to transfer.

The ads that appear on your site may not be visible to you because you are viewing an old version of the site. Clear the "cache." In Chrome: Control+Shift+Delete.

Sell one of 100 carriers at the Highest Commissions in the Industry!  Don't Pay - Sell at the Highest Compensation!

  • Your site {$link_url} should be on a domain name that you own! Talk to me and we will get this done.                                                                                                  

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you earn more money

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We discuss Promocodes on daily conference call

At the footer of www.naaip.org I have a link to https://www.webce.com/naaip - I believe very shortly I will be coming up with a better discount. This one is 10%

check the footer of www.naaip.org under sales tools when you are ready to order or ask at our 6 day per week conference.

Conference Call:
Monday to Thursday Noon & Weekends 2pm ET
Dial (888)532-9320 - No Pin needed

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