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Getting an Insurance License with Bad Credit

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I don’t think a business related debt would prevent you from obtaining your state resident license, you haven’t been found guilty of any crime.  I found information about this and each state is different.  Here is South Dakota’s law on this and according to this chart SD doesn’t run a credit check.  They have a list of what would cause a refusal or suspension of someone’s license:


For your state of SD, I found this https://law.justia.com/codes/south-dakota/2015/title-58/chapter-30/section-58-30-167/


You can definitely represent companies even with bad credit history but some carriers can also be selective about their review process.  You may end up getting declined by a few companies but there is definitely opportunity to do well even if a few companies decline your background.  You can also appeal a decline and explain everything to the carrier if you receive a decline.

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