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To start, log into NameCheap back office - make nameserver default if you are hosting elsewhere. Delete forwarding if that is an issue. 

Please follow these steps:
15:15Namecheap:- go to Domain List - choose the domain in question - click on Manage next to it;
15:15Namecheap:- move to Advanced DNS tab - Host Records;
15:16Namecheap:- click on Add New Record two times below the existing host records and choose the A record both times from the drop-down menu;
15:16Namecheap:- fill @ for Hostname and for Value;
15:16Namecheap:- fill www for Hostname and for Value;
15:16Namecheap:- click on the green checkmark next to it, to save changes;
15:17Nataly Leonova:- then delete the URL Redirect for @ Hostname and the CNAME record for www Hostname. Just click on the Trash icon next to each of them.
15:20Namecheap:It usually takes up to 30 minutes (in rare cases, up to 12 hours) for the newly-set records to be accepted globally.

that would be step #2 then you would have to do do step # which is would be to edit NAAIP's back office - profile settings -.

It should look like this in Namecheap.


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