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since migrating my site over to naaip website.

I have www.smithfst.com

Website is resolving properly.

I have name.com as my registrar

I use a different hosting company.

Now I cannot use my email addresses since dns is pointing to Naaip server

Any ideas?



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You would have to edit your MX records to point to your email company. Having your A record IP address has no effect on your email. You are in complete control of your DNS and MX records. You would have to update your MX records to point to your domain email address. Your email company or registration company can do this for you.

I have a cheat sheet on MX records on this page for many email companies.   https://www.naaip.org/website/directory

but you can easily google or youtube to see this info... As well, if done well it means you can receive the email. Otherwise you dont receive anything. 




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