Critical Illness/Accident/Hospital Insurance

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Detailed Information:


Illness/Accident/Hospital insurance is provided to help ensure policyholders are secured if diagnosed with any of the conditions listed in the plan.


The structure of the policy may pay out regular installments to cover loss of income or to provide coverage should a person need to undergo surgery or other treatments such as radiotherapy or dialysis.

Insurance providers often set a “survival period” which is the term after the illness is diagnosed before the policyholder can claim. These vary between companies, but usually stand at around one month.

Often these policies have very precise rules as to when a critical illness diagnosis is deemed valid. Sometimes a specialist diagnosis is required or specific tests must be taken prior to a claim being processed. In other markets, plans are standardized between insurers to level the playing field when it comes to defining a claim.

Sometimes plans offer alternative solutions to lump-sum payouts, often paying the medical service providers directly for any services including specialist treatment and therapies up to a certain threshold as specified in the original plan.

Providers of Illness/Accident/Hospital Insurance

Assurant Accident, Cancer and Heart/Stroke

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Accidental injuries catch you off guard and throw you into worry, uncertainty, inconvenience and, sometimes, a lot of expense you hadn’t exactly planned for.



Equitable Life Hospital Indemnity

Equitable - Free Exclusive Real Time Leads

The Equitable Life and Casualty Company has been providing quality insurance for over three quarters of a century. Contract through NAAIP and sell their popular Medicare Supplement and Hospital Indemnity products



Mutual of Omaha Critical Illness Insurance

Offering Medicare Supplement, Annuity, Final Expense, Term Life, Universal Life & Whole Life products.

Mutual of Omaha Critical Illness insurance pays policyholders a lump-sum benefit following diagnosis of a major illness as outlined in their original plan.  This helps customers better manage their finances whilst dealing with their health problems.



Heartland National Hospital Indemnity & First Cancer Care

Heartland National First cancer Care

This insurance coverage is affordable which makes it easy for insurance agents to sell it. The insurance is issued within a short space of time. The application has simple multiple choice questions. Among the plan's many benefits is annual conventions for agents.


Sentinel Life Hospital Indemnity

Sentinel Life - Free Exclusive Real Time Leads

Sentinel Life was organized in 1948 and is now licensed to operate in most states. Sentinel Life's goal throughout its history has been to provide the best possible products and services to its policyholders.




Determine Your Need*

Illness/Accident/Hospital insurance is a specific type of coverage that looks after peoples interests where other plans fail to do so. Medical treatment, although highly effective nowadays, can be extremely costly, so enrolling in supplemental plans such as this will save not only a lot of money, but potentially a policyholder’s life.

Potential customers should be well informed as to this type of coverage and encouraged to determine their needs with regards to critical illness coverage. It is especially useful if they still have to make mortgage repayments or have children in college in order to hire home help when sick or to pay the all-important medical expenses.


* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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