Dolphin Power Seller – The High Speed Dialer and Contact Manager - Review

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The Dolphin Power Seller

Dolphin Power Dialer

Call centers or contact centers influence the profitability of a business in a big way. Often, the escalation in sales depends on the efficiency with which contact centers handle callers. In order to increase the efficiency of call centers and empower agents with easy call handling facility, several technologies have been brought into the market. Dolphin Power Seller is one such product. This high speed dialer and contact manager offers numerous features and benefits that help agents handle more number of calls with more efficiency in lesser amount of time. Given here is a review of Dolphin Power Seller.


You have to give it to Dolphin Power Seller in this regard. This high speed dialer and contact manager is feature rich and makes the job much easier for agents.

  • Power dialer: Allows agents of make one call after another continuously without having to dial each number. You can create a list of numbers and the dialer follows the list automatically after you are done with a call.

  • Customize response: Enables agents to hear the a live call answered without delay unlike predictive dialers where people may have to say "Hello...Hello? You can also store scripts in the system for reference when a person takes your call.

  • Click dial: Allows you to dial numbers directly from the place where they are stored, be it a spreadsheet or a word document. All you have to do is highlight the number and click on it, and the number is dialed automatically.

  • Callback reminder: Follow up on existing customers or contact clients at a time requested by them. The system pops a reminder at the specific time and date.

  • Personalize messages: As one inevitably gets a answering machine, after the beep you say "Hello John - This is Steve Smith - i.e. - from ABC Company" and then press one of five buttons to leave the continuation of the message. At that point you continue on to the next call. Brilliant functionality by Dolphin. Thank You.

  • CRM system: Inbuilt CRM that can be used to organize, identify and call prospective customers.

  • Record keeping: Robust record keeping features that record calls, store call results, rate emotional response by customers and store recorded conversations for future reference.

  • Track Do Not Call subscribers: Avoid making calls to customers who subscribe to Do Not Call facility. The system sorts through your list and scrubs these specific numbers.

  • 100% Unlimited Outbound Calls: No games - Call U.S. or Canada - no need to keep track of the cost - concentrate on making money.

  • Inbound SoftPhone: Included at no cost, an inbound SoftPhone line is included with your choice of a local or toll free number. Voice mail at no extra charge.

In addition to these features, you get other facilities such as phone list manager, email marketing features, simultaneous calls on unlimited lines, call monitoring, conferencing, call transfer, choice of 10 digit caller ID and so much more.

Hardware needed for the Dolphin Dialer system

You need a laptop or desktop installed with Widows 7 or higher versions. Since you use voice features, you need a sound card.

You need a USB or Bluetooth headset.

Your broadband connection should be consistently maintained at 90 kpbh or higher per computer. Please note that certain kinds of anti-virus software can block the high speed dialer service. Wireless Internet connections are not highly recommended because their signals can fluctuate, leading to inconsistency in efficiency of performance. If the speed of your Internet connection is inadequate, you can use a QoS (Quality of Service) modem.

Tech support

Free Tech support from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Central time on weekdays. Free online video tutorials around the clock. Tech support is very helpful in answering questions. Dolphin Dialer tech support is superb.


  • Extremely comprehensive and feature rich

  • Saves a lot of time and enables each contact center agent to increase their productivity multiple times.

  • Call center as a whole registers a multifold increase in business as well as successful conversions.

  • After installation, you can make unlimited calls in the United States and Canada.

  • Greater customer satisfaction because callers do not have to hold the line for long.

  • Delays or Dropped calls or missed calls are non-occurring.

  • Affordable and well worth the price.

  • Free trial is available.


  • Agents need time getting used to and use features the right features at the right time. But once you are accustomed, it is smooth sailing all through.

  • Not compatible with tablets, smart phones or Apple Computers.

  • If you use an Apple Mac computer, you need to install a Windows desktop virtualization system. Parallels Desktop is an example of such a system

  • Dolphin Power Seller works only on Widows 7 and higher operating system versions

  • Round the clock customer tech support is unavailable. Tech support closes at 5:30 PM Central time and is unavailable on public holidays

Who can use Dolphin Power Seller?

All contact centers can use Dolphin Power Seller. The system is very useful for businesses, direct sellers, collection centers, entrepreneurs, insurance agents, fund raisers, political campaigns, real estate, government agencies and network marketers, to name a few.


Dolphin Power Seller is available for the user to choose their price per computer: $89 per month (monthly payments) or $79 per month (quarterly) or $59 per month (annually). No contracts.


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