DYL Autodialer Software Review - The Pros and Cons of DYL Solution

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The Advantages of Using DYL Auto Dialer Software:

Dyl Autodialer

DYL auto dialer software can be the ultimate tool that will help you attain higher efficiency at work with greatly reduced administrative costs. Insurance agents can pursue hundreds of leads on a daily basis where you can make over 400 calls in an hour. In terms of productivity it enjoys a wait-time ratio of 80:20, which in the long run not only makes it highly efficient but very affordable as well.

Key Features Offered By DYL Auto Dialer:

Campaign Dialer

You can load CSV or excel files, which contain contact numbers in your campaign dialer. This way you can make over 100 calls in an hour. As and when you are done you can reload a new set of lists to cater to a new target market. Agents can also track and manage these lists as they make calls.

E-mail facilities

You can create a set of e-mail templates to cater to routine customer queries. This will ensure that you do not have to type mails individually each time you get in touch with a client. The templates can be kept in an organized way, which makes it easy for the agent to sort through them as they use the right template for any particular requirement.

Persistence of calling eventually pays off

When a lead your pursuing is unavailable or busy, it is always important to call back at a later time. You can create a call back sequence of contacts you intend to call back again later. This will significantly maximize your chances of closing in on a sale.

Attributes like hotlists and folders

When you generate hundreds of leads on a daily basis, it is crucial to segregate them on the basis of their importance. Most valuable new leads can be placed in folders marked Hotlists. This will make it easier to track potential clients who can bring good business to your company.


With the DYL software, you can create automated responses, which the receiver will hear when he or she picks up the call. This is especially useful when you would like to send appointment reminders to old and new clients.


Multiple user access is one the major benefits to using DYL auto dialer. You can create many accounts for your agents and give them their own set of insurance leads to pursue. Your employees can even work from home or you could handle multiple accounts from different branches. All that you are required to do is set up a new account with a phone line linked to the Internet and you are good to go.


When you are pursuing thousands of leads in a day, it is important to ensure that you are able to carry out reports and summaries in real time. The interface of DYL will enable you to do just that, where you can track your agents at work. Contact lists and other details relevant to pursuing insurance leads can also be tracked in real time.

How Does DYL Auto Dialer Software Work?

DYL is a cloud based auto dialer software through which an agent can make hundreds of calls in as little time as possible. It is easy to set up and requires only basic hardware.

  • PC (mostly desktop, though you can also use laptops)
  • Modem
  • Phone Line
  • Internet
  • DYL dialer software
  • Microphone and headset

If you are working alone as an independent agent, all you need to do is configure the hardware to your office system and have a phone line attached. You can then start making outbound calls. Its as easy as that! If you are running a telemarketing agency, you can use several operators to connect with the software through individual accounts. All the agents can be provided with a dedicated phone line, microphone and headsets.

DYL auto dialer software is intuitive in nature and is able to assess if the receiver on the other end is human or machine answered. For instance, when it dials a number it can assess if the call in engaged, in that case it will quickly dial another number. This removes any dead gaps you have while dialing between numbers. Its voice detection ability works in the following ways.

  • If a call goes unanswered after more than 4 rings, the software assesses that there is a high possibility of a voice machine answering it.

  • It can also detect the presence of human on the other end through the timing of speech. If the receiver speaks initially and pauses for the caller to respond, the software observes a human has picked up the call.

  • Once this has been determined, the call would be rerouted back to the agent. Depending on what is required, the agent can either talk to the person or relay an automated message.

Why VoIP is Revolutionizing the Way We Communicate

Auto dialer software’s like DYL employ the use of VoIP (Voice over IP), which is rapidly taking over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) as they are a lot more efficient than the latter. With PSTN, the costs are much greater and the set up is also much harder to configure. They usually also require multiple modems and phone lines if you want several agents to be working in tandem. VoIP on the other hand is changed the way we communicate in the world and popular platforms like Skype use this technology to make PC-to-PC calls. This helps to streamline your software and enables you to derive more efficiency out of your work.



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