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iPipeline iGo e-Apps and Quick(drop) Tickets

The internet has revolutionized the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we shop. This certainly applies to the insurance industry. The insurance application process is catching up, with the introduction of iPipeline iGo e-Apps and quick tickets.


NAAIP has several resources available to help ensure your success as a producer. iPipeline iGo e-Apps will help your clients get their applications placed more quickly and cut down on your processing time.


Option 1: iPipeline e-Apps for Efficient Selling

i-Go e-App Electronic Applications

iPipeline iGo e-Apps assist you as a producer. They help your clients get their applications placed more quickly and cut down on processing time by offering an online alternative to paper-based applications. iGo e-Apps simplify the application process, as errors are detected automatically and completed information is delivered immediately for review.


Often a wet signature is not required as an e-signature is sufficient. If the underwriter requires a wet signature, the electronically submitted information is sent to process and the signed documents will follow by post.


By providing a more streamlined application process, the iGo e-App leaves your clients happy and gives you more space to concentrate on making sales. Other benefits include:

  • Applications are easier and quicker to process

  • You get paid faster

  • Increased placement ratios of up to 10%

  • Applications arrive in good order

  • Agent receives full compensation

  • More control of each individual case

  • More clients, less paperwork

  • Free up more time for selling!

The iPipeline iGo e-App works with the following carriers:

In the NAAIP back office, NAAIP agents can create a username and password to access to iPipeline iGo e-App. Make sure your request contracting for a carrier that you are submitting.

Selling Final Expense Over the Phone

Here is a list of final expense carriers that make selling over the phone easy - Part of NAAIP's 125 FEX Club

Visit Selling Final Expense Over the Phone for additional information which includes a great final expense phone sales script.

Option 2: Quick Tickets

Quick/Drop tickets are recommended for life applications for smaller amounts. They offer a more accurate and efficient method for selling insurance via online submission.

These programs are designed by experts within the insurance industry to fill the requirements of insurance professionals, brokers, financial institutions and agencies. They allow the life insurance agent to determine a client's needs, pre-qualify, compare, quote them and choose an option from a number of top carriers. They can then submit their order in as little as nine minutes in each case.

Once submitted, medical details will be sent to a third-party (such as Exam One) for review. They will arrange appointment options and schedule laboratory work. This frees up the agent to concentrate on selling insurance and focusing on clients, improving their delivery cycle as a result.


Each different carrier has their own particular criteria for electronic submission. A Quick Ticket gives you these advantages:

  • Reduces NiGOs (Not in Good Order)

  • Allows insurer call centers to handle everything

  • Perfect for smaller cases (as if you are getting paid full commission for referral)

  • Simplified application processing

  • Allows call centers to complete tele-underwriting and interview

  • Saves you Time

  • Average application turnaround time of 2 weeks

  • 75% of interviews completed within 24 hours

What’s the difference between an iGo e-App and a Quick Ticket?

An e-App is a full Part 1 application that is completed online by the agent. This keeps applications in good order with completely legible content and speeds up the application process while keeping you, the agent, 100% in control.


Another benefit of the e-App is that the client signs via an e-signature. This makes the process better for both the agent and the client.


A Quick Ticket is a short-form application which is transferred to the carrier’s sales call center.


You fill out basic demographic information of your client and any state required information, and then press 'submit' and the carrier will handle the rest. With a quick ticket, no client signature is required. The insurance sales call center will arrange a paramedical exam and necessary signatures.


The links below lead to the information you need regarding the rules for submitting a quick ticket for the insurers.

  1. AIG/American General: SpeedyApp
  2. Banner/Legal & General America AppAssist
  3. Voya Life EZ-App
  4. Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Final Expense
  5. Lincoln Financial Group TermAccel LightningApp
  6. Met Life EZ-App
  7. Principle Life EZ-App
  8. Protective Life EZ-App
  9. Prudential Life EZ-App
  10. Sagicor Life Producer-E Services QuickApp
  11. TranAmerica Life Producer-E Services QuickApp
  12. United of Omaha Life EZ-App
  13. Voya Life EZ-App

Single Premium Whole Life & Final Expense at Lowest Rates - The 125 FEX Club

Oxford Life Insurance

Option 4: Paper Applications

Paper applications are available in the NAAIP back office. In "Latest News." Click the iPipeline link. Register and a forms library is available.


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* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public. Certain exclusions may apply. Plans offered by insurer. All products not available in all areas. Not affiliated with the United States Government or the Federal Medicare Program.

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