Family Protection Policy and Telemedicine Service

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Family Protection Policy

Telemedicine, Legal services, etc.

$19.95/Month for Single Product

$24.95/Month for Family Product

  • Doctors on Demand plan. Admittance to physician services all through the week

  • Free legal care attached with discount

  • Solutions for cases of stolen identity

  • Financial Education along with Counseling Service

  • Wellcard benefit plan plus discount

Doctors on demand

Affordable Access Plans supplies as per request email and phone admittance to licensed physicians in the US all through the week. You can have admittance to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for general conditions that are not critical. All services are compliant with HIPAA guidelines.


It has all the following advantages:

  • Unrestricted admittance to doctors and prescriptions (except uncontrolled substances) all through the week as per request.

  • Cancels the requirement by up to 70% of all essential care visits, ER and doctor services. Cuts down on money and time (convenient, inexpensive automatic pay every month, without contract)

  • Functions both in the presence and absence of health insurance

  • Discount RX plan

  • Covers the expenses of 6 members in the family at the most (without any waiting period or exclusions)

  • Wellness equipments on the web, such as My Personal Health Manager

  • Translation service/Multi language

LifeEvents Counseling over the telephone

The turbulent lifestyle of the present day results in a lot of tension, anxiety, depression and other personal problems for many individuals. Affordable Access Plans assists members to take care of the challenges in life and offers more resources to enhance their quality of life.


This program has been actioned to cater to the requirement of the members of Legal Clubs along with their families. The members of LifeEvents have toll free admittance to advocates all throughout the year, who will offer them customized consultation services. The advocates in our organization are master clinicians and have received specific training in evaluation and consultation over the phone.


Your clients along with their family can have toll-free admittance all throughout the year to health specialists specializing in a person’s behavior. Their calls will be answered straightaway by licensed clinical staff, which is comprised of individuals who are all degree holders. The services will be taken care of with utmost confidentiality.


Your clients and their family will be provided by LifeEvents with telephone counseling for parent-child, marital, abuse of substances, financial/legal, emotional, childcare, problems faced while caring for the aged along with many other challenges or anxieties faced by a person. They will have the advantage of unrestricted counseling over the telephone for each episode.

Mental Health Care Services from LifeEvents

  • Unrestricted counseling on the telephone all throughout the week

  • Live answer with confidential service/Many dialect? Counseling in case of crisis

  • Coaching for various issues of work and life

The Counselor of LifeEvents will render the following services:

  • Carry out an initial evaluation on the phone

  • Rope in a devoted care coordinator or financial/legal professional to help in obtaining supplies and taking care of the referrals.

  • Refer members directly to a community organization or a local hospital in case of an emergent situation being clearly evident.

The Counselor will evaluate your progress and then take the necessary steps:

  • Following the initial evaluation, the counselor will adhere to the local provider to harmonize the suggestions.

  • The suggestions may involve referrals to local providers of mental health, hospitals, detoxification facilities, physicians or counseling for a short time.

  • In case of issues related to work or life, the Counselor will supervise the reserve search and see to it that the deliberation and the supplies provided have catered to the issues that are brought forward.

  • Work out with members the policy of benefit to guarantee a consistent development of service

Contentment and cessation

Counselors will follow through on time to ensure contentment and quality of the services. They will bring the case to a conclusion only deciding with the provider and the member that you have resolved all their issues successfully and have undergone all the recommended treatment.

Stolen ID and policy of Legal Benefit-Legal Club of America’s Family (LCOAF)

The Legal Policy supports the policy of Family Protection. Legal Club refers to a the discounted service of legal referral which has an arrangement of plan attorneys all through the nation, who give free and abated legal care to around one million families in the country. The membership involves your client, their spouse/domestic partner, children below 25 years old and other dependents residing with them such as a parent/grandparent.

Legitimate Care-Legal Services absolutely free of Cost

Below is a list of nine services which is available absolutely free of cost:

  • Initial consultations over the phone for every fresh legal matter without any restriction on time

  • Initial one to one consultations for every fresh legal matter without any restriction on time

  • Analysis of legal documents that are independent (maximum of six pages for each document, no restrictions on the number of fresh documents that are independent)

  • Plan Attorney creates a Simple Will that is meant for both your clients and their family and is available for free. They will also review the Will every year for free. (Have a look at Section 3 of the Plan Guidebook to find out the description of Simple Will). As a matter of choice, members have admittance to an additionally exhaustive and personalized Simple Will on the internet.

  • Living Will, specific to a state is available to the members absolutely free of cost on the internet. A Notary Public can validate this form.

  • Members will be assisted by Plan Attorneys to stand for themselves in minor claims court

  • Help in finding solutions to problems with the facilities of government policies like welfare and INS

  • Plan attorney will write letters for you when he/she considers it appropriate (one letter for each legal matter, without any restriction on the number of fresh legal matters).

  • Plan attorney will make calls on the phone for members when he/she considers it appropriate without any restriction on the number of fresh legal matters)

In some situations, the liability of attorney may need plan attorney to seek an attendant from the member before giving some of the Legal Services free of cost.


Legal Services which have a huge discount

Below is a list of eight legal services that are widely used. For these services, Plan Attorneys have decided to attach a one-time, heavily discounted fee.


Filling fees, court expenses and time taken for travelling to and from the courts are extra.


Assured reduced hourly rate

Plan attorneys have agreed to charge a maximum of $ 125 for every hour, or a discount of 40% on their normal and established hourly rate, whichever is higher, for legalized care that falls outside the limits of services that are free or are available at a diminished rate.



In case of prolonged legalized care, you may be asked for an attendant by plan attorneys. Any attendant sought will be evaluated by multiplying the time (the number of hours) a plan attorney would think a case would possibly take, with the diminished hourly rate of the policy. For example 10 hours * $ 125=an attendant of $ 125. The unused part of the attendant will be given back to you.


Discounted Contingency fee

The discounted contingency fee will be a 10% discount of the state highest rate or the established rate of the attorney, whichever is diminished.


Preparation of Tax and Advice

With the Family Protection Policy, an elaborate customized tax benefits, which includes preparation of tax return for free and unrestricted, toll-free advice related to tax during regular business hours. In addition, members can have admittance to the most popularly used tax associated schedules for free or at a heavily discounted rate.

Benefits associated to tax:

  • Unrestricted suggestion for personal as well as business subjects on federal taxation with the help of toll-free fax/e-mail/phone call (without any restrictions on frequency and time).

  • Mail-in excise return preparation absolutely free (This includes 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ)

  • Preparation of the entire schedules come along with the form entitled 1040 absolutely free

  • Get a discount on tax returns that is made by H & R Block

  • Assistance on IRS analysis

  • Any letter or notice sent out by the IRS will be reviewed by tax professionals. They will offer suggestions on the way to comprehend and find a solution to the matter

  • Admittance to IRS audit informative on the internet along with an IRS bulletin tutorial

  • Assistance on IRS notification

  • Planning of tax

  • Analysis of tax return in the previous year

  • Member website with tips on tax, changes in tax law, tax organization field, IRS audit field, IRS notification field along with member suggestion on-line

All assistance on financial and tax matters will be given by financial analysts, tax attorneys, former auditors, CPA’s and Enrolled agents approved by the IRS. In addition, all advice on matters related to finance and tax is supported by a liability plan of $ 1 million.

Limit one for each household


For clients of fresh H & R Block only. A fresh client is an individual who did not make use of the services of H & R Block Offices while preparing for their return in the previous year. Invalid on federal form entitled 1040EZ and associated forms. Legitimate only at US offices that are participating. Nullified if sold, bought or relocated and where forbidden. Offer has to be brought forward before ending of initial interview at tax office and cannot be unified with special or discount promotion, other offers or pricing policy. Legitimate only in case of tax preparation fees for a customized income tax return that is original.

Solutions for stolen identity

Our solution for stolen identity, which is unique, supplies you the entire components essential to get back your identity and also stay away from cases of stolen identity in the future. All the work that is performed for you is executed by competent paralegals. Our policy adopts an active role while restoring cases of stolen identity.


Members will have admittance to advocates of stolen identity restoration all through the year. They’ll supply them with an exhaustive recovery service that is personalized.


Stolen identity insurance

Members can get insurance coverage with respect to stolen identity worth around $ 25,000 approved by a nationally endorsed insurance carrier, having a rating or “A” or “AM”. With the help of this coverage, you can take care of the expenses rendered while recovering an identity that was there originally including the following:


Wages that are lost: $ 500 for each week, for a maximum of four weeks

Loans refilling

Defense expenses for some criminal & civil lawsuits

Payment of fees: Inexpensive and essential expenses rendered by the insured in the United States for the following:

  1. Applications refilling for grants, loans or other credit tools that are cancelled basically as a consequence of identity theft incident

  2. Authenticating affidavits or other documents of the same kind, long distance calls on the telephone and postage only as a consequence of the efforts of the insured to bring forward an incident of stolen identity and/or change or correct records with respect to the identity or name of the insured as a consequence of identity theft incident.
  3. 6 credit reports at the most from well-known credit bureaus (2 reports at the most from a single credit bureau) which has to be dated within a year following the discovery by the insured of an identity theft case.

The explanation mentioned here is a brief account only. It does not take into consideration all conditions, terms and things that are excluded in the plan described. Kindly refer to the real plan for getting all the details of exclusions and coverage. People residing in New York are not eligible for the coverage. Also, this coverage may not be applicable in other jurisdictions. Only the member can have insurance coverage.

Restoration of Identity Theft

Upon being notified of an incident of identity theft, Privacy Advocates will represent you and work as a devoted case manager to carry out the following services:

  • Inspect and validate the deceitful activity, which includes recognized, unrecognized and potentially sophisticated more sources of stolen identity.

  • Complete and customized mail, pre-populated, specific to a state “Fraud Packet” with the help of approved mail with instructions on pre-paid return.

  • Make phone calls, send notifications electronically and create the right documentation on behalf of the member, which includes letters of dispute for complaints that are defensible to any and all proper financial institutions and state agencies.

  • Send out fraud warnings along with victim statements when required to the three consumer credit reporting organizations-U.S. Postal Service, SSA and FTC.

  • Present special restricted power of attorney and stolen identity affidavit to the creditors that are involved for cancellation of card and issuance of new ones

  • Connect, follow-up and intensify issues with the agencies that are affected in order to reinforce the rights of the members

  • Help the member to notify law enforcement agencies in the region in order to file the proper official reports

  • Make use of actual time admittance to reports of public records which includes DMV, address changes, judgments, lien and criminals to investigate further wherever it is applicable

  • Lead to stability of mind along with resolution of important issues from the beginning to the end as fast as possible

  • Give members a “Case Completion Kit” which include documentation copies, forms, correspondence and letters for maintaining their personal records

Assistance of stolen or lost credit card/Services of document recovery

Members will be assisted by Privacy Advocates in case their credit cards get stolen or lost. Privacy Advocates will render the following services:

  • Talk to members to find out how severe the event is

  • Get credit reports from all the three important credit

  • Connect the member to each credit card firm or financial institution through teleconference

  • Reject the credit cards of the affected members

  • Appeal for fresh replacement cards

  • Send out fraud warnings to all the three important credit bureaus

  • Help members to interpret their credit reports

  • Supply ID monitoring everyday for a period of six months to assist aggressively any further identity fraud

  • Give assistance on credit dispute

  • Help with more lost items, which includes library, driver’s license and additional membership cards

Monitoring of Identity

Identity supervision seeks and supervises for previous history and also actual time identity duplicity. Identity Monitoring includes the following services:

  • Protected, hassle-free monitoring of identity

  • Litigable identity warnings

Identity Monitoring of our organization does a lot more than simply supervising credit by offering a strong solution, similar to the ones normally used by the top financial institutions in the nation in order to avoid theft. Identity Monitoring makes use of creative technology to find out the abuse or also a heightened possibility for abuse of a person’s name, Social Security Number, date of birth, phone and address. By designing a draft of SNAPD identity, this plan supervises billions of information regularly from various sources like:

  • Applications of Wireless Carrier

  • Fresh Credit Cards

  • Accounts of Retail Credit Cards

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Automobile Loans

  • Payday Loans

  • Inspecting Accounts and Inspect Reorders

  • DMV Records

  • Utility Accounts

  • Government Databases

  • Court Records

  • Records of Real Estate

  • Social Security Records

  • Criminal Records

Since identity fraud is an antecedent to stolen identity, this kind of aggressive system is crucial to minimize the huge and costly damage caused following the stealing of an identity and its manipulation.


The coverage through identity monitoring is restricted only to a member.


Keylogging Defense Progam


Our program is a unique one and is the only one in the nation that gives you a software device that aids to avoid cases of stolen identity.


Keyloggers are viruses that propagate on their own by stealing your keystrokes along with the information contained in it as you use the web. Our System of Keylogging Defense aids to aggressively avoid cases of stolen identity on the internet by encrypting each keystroke at the level of the keyboard and then rerouting those keystrokes that are encrypted straightaway to your internet browser. The system of Keylogging Defense which we have bypasses the regions of multiple communications that are usually vulnerable to attacks of keylogging that could probably compromise your crucial information.


Members, with the help of our keylogging defense system will be able to browse, gain admittance to important business applications, bank and shop on the web with a firm belief that every keystroke gets encrypted and is not being transferred to an identity thief who is waiting.

Credit Counseling & Financial Education

The constituent of the Family Protection Policy supplies you along with your family with customized credit and financial counseling services all throughout the year. We give you admittance to counseling along with financial education via a medley of delivery techniques, which includes online tools, telephone and also live chat rounds.


This particular financial education policy is developed to supply you along with your family the essential tools to make wise financial decisions, irrespective of whether you are purchasing or renting a home, facing debt problems, or establishing a trust. Customized financial guidance along with education is given by around 1,000 expert financial counselors.

Given below is a sketch of the free services that are included in this plan:

Free Consultations:

An overall financial evaluation will include an analysis and examination of your expenses, household income, liabilities and assets.


Debt & Credit Counseling by Credit Counselors who are Certified? A Credit Counselor will take enough time to elaborately comprehend and evaluate present issues of debt and credit. They will do the following:

  • Help in creating livable financial plan to maintain a balance between income and costs

  • Give specific suggestion on the way to compromise with creditors

  • Give techniques of budgeting and money management to assist in taking charge of your finances

  • Create a comprehensive plan of spending

  • Develop an action plan in order to become free of debt

Ask Susan” Counseling Sessions on the Web

An exclusive opportunity to get a customized response on queries related to topics like budgeting, loans, collections, credit reporting and handling debt among others. Send your questions by E-mail to get a customized answer on these topics as well as additional financial matters.


Services of Housing Advisory

  • Suggestions that cater to cases of home ownership for the first time, inexpensive refinancing and mortgages.

  • Counseling following purchase

  • Information on what are reverse mortgages and how they function

Articles & Tools on the web

  • Admittance to articles on the web developed to inform, aid, alert and educate you in all spheres of money management, credit and the way to get assistance

  • Tools on the web for budgeting

  • Articles created to assist make wise decisions relating to finances

  • Links to a broad variety of consumer supplies on subjects like lending, credit cards, credit reports along with financing and purchasing of vehicle

  • User friendly calculators on the web to assist get your finances moving in the right direction. Calculators are there to assist with drawing up a financial plan and financing of home and vehicle

  • Quizzes and tests to have a superior comprehension of the method on improving skills of money management

Money Options

For private courses that are self-paced, brought forward by Visa, that instructs on the techniques required for the smart management of money.

Wellcard Disocunt Benefits Policy

  • Discounts associated to Healthcare visits and additional Medical Services and Products that are pre-negotiated

  • Dental treatment

  • Vision (frames, lenses and exams) which includes Lasik

  • Hearing (devices and exams)

  • CAT scans, X-rays, MRIs and additional Imaging services

  • Chiropractic care, Diabetic and medical supplies

  • Laboratory tests

  • Medical Bill Negotiator/Patient Advocate

  • Outpatient Surgical Centers

  • Discount RX Card Policy-RX discount drug benefit gives discounts on all the prescription drugs approved by the FDA.


Affordable Telemedicine Access Plans


Affordable Access Plans:

Affordable Access Plans provide personal security and protection plans to guard your clients against identity theft, offer legal advice and guidance on financial issues, as well as providing comprehensive medical packages.

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Identity Theft and Legal Plan:

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* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public. Certain exclusions may apply. Plans offered by insurer. All products not available in all areas. Not affiliated with the United States Government or the Federal Medicare Program.

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