Florida Accident Insurance Our 24 Hour Accident Medical Plan

Summarized View:

Florida accident insurance provides coverage up to $2,000. For any particular accident the Florida accident insurance company will pay for up to $2,000 in medical expenses with a $200 deductible.

The premiums or monthly charges for the Florida accident insurance plan are extremely affordable to have the entire family covered.

Supplement Insurance

The Florida accident insurance plan covers two voids in the health insurance industry. Firstly, an individual that does not feel that he will incur an illness in the near future. He feels that it is unnecessary to shell out over $250 a month for a Florida health insurance plan. However, it is a common fear that one may have a freak accident at any time and one would like to be insured for such a situation. Monthly premiums are as low as $29 for the family. Therefore, $29 per month is a relatively small sum to ensure your family’s financial health in case of such an accident.

Secondly, a Florida resident would consider the accident insurance plan when a person has a very high deductible on his Florida health insurance policy. To lower your monthly insurance premiums you would choose a policy with a $2,000 deductible. In essence, the standard health insurance policy will not pay for the first 2,000 of medical expenses. Under such a situation, you would purchase a Florida accident insurance plan to make up this deficit. The accident policy would pay for the $2,000 deductible at a lower cost than the standard insurance policy. With monthly charges as low as $29 for the family and deductibles as low as $100 the Florida accident insurance plan is a perfect supplement for your high deductible standard regular health insurance policy. The negative aspect of using an accident policy in this manner is that the accident policy will ONLY pay in cases of accidents.

The Florida accident insurance plan is for a person who knows that he or she constantly at risk for receiving low level injuries. Florida accident insurance coverage will really help you if these injuries should occur. Please browse through the to know exactly what the policy covers.

The Florida accident insurance plan is especially ideal for families. For the cost of eating pizza entire family is covered for accidents.

Example of the low prices for the Florida Accident Insurance Plan
Coverage Family Deductible
$2,000 $29.00 $100

Enroll in the Florida Accident Insurance plan TODAY and benefits will start the first day of the following month with NO waiting period.

There are also a number of other benefits included in the plan such as dental, vision, lab discounts and drug store discounts. These are additional benefits of the plan and can greatly benefit many Florida residents. However if you do not use these benefits do not feel bad, as you are not paying extra for them. The insurance company is simply cutting a contract with various businesses to refer their clients to them. The businesses offer discounted prices and in return many new customers.

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