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After being thrown out by his girlfriend, Britney Sword, K-Fedex was a broken man. So he promptly hitched up with another filly, Paris Hillstorme.

Actually, K-Fedex should have focused on buying an affordablehealth insurance plan from us at, but he didn't do that.

Health Insurance For Florida

Paris was a strange bird: She too did not have an affordable health insurance plan, but she had a lot of cranky, unwholesome ideas. Tonight was her big date with K-Fedex and she decided to impress K-Fedex with her knowledge of human body odors.

Health Insurance For Florida

Paris and K-Fedex were enjoying their dinner at the Ritz, when Paris intelligently got the conversation going:

“Y'know, K-Fedex, when heterosexual females desire a man, they emit otoacoustic emissions spontaneously, which men enjoy sniffing. I'm going to fill your senses with my otoacoustic emissions tonight. Be careful you may need an affordablehealth insurance plan after our date, tee, hee.”

“Baby, I'm ready for your otoacoustic emissions! And BAH to an affordable health insurance plan!”

After the dinner, Paris and K-Fedex began necking in the car. Paris opened her mouth and K-Fedex's nose felt as if it smelled a rotting carcass of a swamp thing.

“K-Fedex, don't make that face. It's only my halitosis – or bad breath – I had my mouth injected with smelly bacteria just to improve your knowledge of human body odors.”

“How thoughtful of you, love. I guess I should have bought an affordablehealth insurance plan after all! Hey, what's that other dirty stink I'm smelling?”

“That must be my dried sweat. I did aerobics in the ladies' rest room just after the dinner, darling. And, hey, don't forget to smell the aroma of my week-old socks when I take them off now, sweetie!”

K-Fedex passed out wishing he had bought an affordableplan from us. The doctors told him that he would lose his olfactory bulbs if he didn't spend $ 100,000 on fixing them. K-Fedex didn't want to miss out his date with Paris next week. He sold his house and got his olfactory bulbs fixed.

If K-Fedex had taken an affordable plan then he wouldn't have had to pay like a dog for his surgery.

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