Miami Health Insurance At Great PricesMiami Health Insurance Figures In Paul And Heather’s Living Together Agreement!

Summarized View:

This AGREEMENT made this 10th day of August, 2001 by and between Heather, "First Party", and Paul, "Second Party"

WHEREAS the parties are presently residing with each other at Paul’s multi-million dollar mansion in Miami have been doing so since and intend to continue living together in this arrangement until their Miami health insurance policy expires;

Florida Maternity InsuranceTHE PARTIES HEREBY AGREE:
  1. Marital Status. The joint residency of the parties shall in no way render the parties married, by operation of common law or any other operation of law. This means their Miami health insurance cannot be expanded to cover each other’illnesses.
  2. Consideration. Paul hereby agrees to sing a lullaby for Heather each night and Heather agrees to dance to its tune. Taking out Miami health insurance policy by any party on the other shall in no way be construed as consideration for this Agreement.
  3. Disclosure of Current Insurance Status. Each party has fully and completely, to the best of his/her knowledge, disclosed to the other party his/her current condition including all known diseases/ailments. Each party has attached their doctor’s and insurance company’s file to this agreement indicating his/her current health condition and whether the Miami health insurance premiums have been paid on time.
  4. Division of Living Expenses. Necessary and jointly approved living expenses shall be apportioned between the parties as follows: Paul: 150% per month; Heather: N. A.Paul agrees to deposit $ 10,00,00,000 into the joint checking account of the parties. Either party may draw upon this checking account especially if they want to buy a Miami health insurance plan.
  5. Separate Property. The parties shall keep the following properties as the separate property of the recipient and said properties shall not be subject to division at the termination of this Agreement: (a)Heather’s apartment in the Bronx; (b)Any Miami health insurance policy.
  6. Legal Names of Parties. Each party shall retain his/her legal name, including surname, as printed and signed in this Agreement, especially on their Miami health insurance plans.
  7. Duration of Agreement. This Agreement can be terminated by Heather at any time, or by Paul, when his lifetime-premium-paid Miami health insurance plan expires.
  8. Mental instability of Party. Upon the mental instability of either party, the surviving party waives all rights to support by the deceased party

Signed Sealed and Delivered,


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