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Florida HMO health insurance versus PPO health insurance plans: What is the difference?

“Noel Galloper, my pet turtle, do you know this insurance company in Florida tried to pull a sting on me? And I almost fell for it!” Courtney Luv told her best friend Noel Galloper over the phone.

“Ahh, Courtney, my pet panda, I’m smoking some A-bombs right now and you’re talking to me about a Florida insurance company! I swear by the bark of the Yohimbe tree, Courtney, I dunno what an insurance company is. How about you telling me what it is and I’ll fix it for ya?”

Florida Health Ins

“A-Bomb! You’re just on A-Bombs, you newbie! I’m onto E-bombs already, dude! And you don’t even know what a company is, you amp head! An insurance company is a company that sells you an insurance plan, Noel”

“Hmm, a insurance company sells you affordable health insurance! Tell me, Courtney, if I smoke an insurance policy will it give me more delirium than, say, a dung-loving Psilocybe mushroom? If it does, then I’ll buy me a whole insurance company in Florida.”

“Noel, you idiot, an insurance policy protects you, it does not give you a high. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. And, only a Florida company can sell it, you gump! And www.naaip.org has the info on all health coverage in Florida!”

“Listen, my green grass, if you already know so much about insurance in Florida, then why the heck are you bugging me, chimpo? Now let me get back to my sacred mushroom.”

“OK, Noel, sweetie, you get back to your sacred mushroom while I check out that site and find more insurance information I’m interested in.”

After that Courtney hit our site and found out more about the insurance in Florida she was interested in.

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