Boat Transporters

Summarized View:

Some time you just need to transport your boat. It’d be nice if transporter today worked the way they do in science fiction. People could just “beam” all their belongings to where ever they want. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a sci-fi world and transporters are far from the present (although I’ve read things…). So what do you do when you have a boat that needs transporting? How about a boat transporter?

Boat transporters are in the business of doing exactly the same thing as auto movers, household movers, or any other business that moves stuff. Boat transporters will come to your home (or government entity, if they have a boat) and move it for a price. The price of course will vary from boat to boat, usually by length, but it’s not that expensive.

Now boat movers aren’t going to be the same people who are household or auto movers. Household movers come to your home and move all the large stuff you can’t. There’s a good chance you own a couch, loveseat, entertainment center, or fridge, etc. and can’t move them yourself. That’s what household movers are good for. Auto movers? Exactly like the name says, they’ll come to your home and put your cars in a truck and move them. It’s a great way to save gas or round trips from home to home. Boat movers come out and load your boat onto a specialized truck.

Now, this service is mostly for people with really large boats that normally would sit in a marina. Often times, people who own smaller boats usually have the trailer to hitch up and transport themselves. But, there are always exceptions. Perhaps you’re moving overseas, do you think hitching your boat and taking it down to the air port is a good idea? Maybe not. Normally though, boat transports are done for larger boats like yachts.

Where can you find a boat transporter? It might not be easy because I can’t imagine them to be available in a lot of places. The best call to make is to the internet. Find a computer and get online. Then search for boat transporters and the results that come up should narrow your search considerably. They’re actually pretty popular in the search results so you’ll have a lot to choose from.

If you’re lucky you’ll find a site that lists quotes from several companies. This is useful information because you can’t do things like that in person and the comparison really helps in the decision making. One company might have certain services you need more than another company. These sites are all over the internet and are used for all sorts of services. For instance you could do a search for insurance, or auto movers and find the same kind of website. Keep that in mind the next time you need to find any kind of business; the internet is your best friend.

Overall it’s good to know that such services exist. Although it’s modeled more for people who own yachts, or extremely difficult to move boats that are rarely out of water, it’s still available. They’re not the same as auto movers, so don’t expect the auto moving company to do that kind of job. And you shouldn’t expect your household movers to even try to bother with your boat, it’s way too big. You’ll have to call or search online for this particular type of transport. But that’s a good thing, you don’t want to try and haul something this large yourself, your car or truck can’t handle it. Leave it to the professional boat transporters, you’ll be happy you did.

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