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Thirty-year old Heather Kills lives in Boca Raton and just recently become a widow.

Her rich husband Paul McFartney had recently died leaving her everything .

Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

She's inherited all Paul's insurance policies too which he had bought from

On their wedding night, one month ago, Paul had bought a large insurance policy. And on the last night of their week long honeymoon, she made Paul buy additional plans because he was suffering from lots of physical aches.

Heather remembered the pleasure she derived on her first wedding night. Paul had been in perfect shape before marrying Heather.

"C'mon, Paul darling," she said, " lie flat on your back and let me push your knees back right up to your chin.

"Yeah! Nice. These cool abdominal crunches will strengthen your lower muscles and improve your ribs.

"Let's do this 200 times.

"You'll be in such good health that you'll never need a Health Insurance policy at all!

"Now, hold a 50–lb barbell in each hand and let's get your triceps going while I help you do these crunches."

"250 times for cringing on your workout Paul. You don't need a Boca Raton Health Insurance policy!

"Heather, baby," Paul said "two things. Can we make this 150 times, 200 may be a bit too much.

"And I think I should get myself an Insurance Plan tomorrow."

Heather gave him a look of distain.

"Jeez, here I'm busting myself to see you in good shape and all you do is talk about a lousy plan! Let's get this over fast.

"We don't want to be late for the kick-boxing session that comes after this, do we?"

Paul sighed.

"When you said a night of intense activity without a Health Insurance Guide, I didn't know you meant this darling. Aaaaaahhhhhh."

"Don't pass out on me you loser.

"Here, sniff this stinky oil.

"No pussy footing now! No talking about a Boca Health Insurance Policy!

"Let's work fast so we can move to a tougher regimen!" Heather hissed.

In one month Paul was gone.

Pity he didn't get a chance to use his Boca Raton Health Insurance Policy.

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