Moving on a Budget

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We all have to move at some point in our lives. You can’t live with you parents forever, and if you are I’d be willing to bet you don’t want to be. But, if you are you’re probably living with them because you’re on a strict budget and it’d be touch to afford moving out. Well, moving on a budget is not hard. There are a few key items you should get the prices for and then make your decisions from there.

You’ll need to get pricing information on a whole lot of stuff, so that’s where we start. Before your move there are several things you need to check the prices for. Firstly, whenever you move to a new home it’s essential to get information on the condition. For instance, you’ll want to know how much it’ll be to make the necessary repairs. If you’re going to rent a place in the city (or anywhere) get the rental costs, it’s more for places in the city, which is why I mentioned that. Get ideas for the first month’s rent, and also the last month’s rent. Check to see what kind of security deposit you might have to make, that’s always a must. Check what kind of utilities you’ll be paying, if you’re going to own a home it’s all of them, for apartments it’s usually just gas and electric. Lastly, check for pet details. If you’re getting an apartment, pets might not be allowed, and if they are it might be at a cost.

The actual moving process comes next. This is, of course, after you’ve budgeted the expenses of your new home. To budget your actual move you’ll have to get quotes on moving services or truck rentals, moving supplies, food and beverages for yourself and for anyone who’s willing to help you (if they’re volunteering this should be considered a necessity because they don’t have to do anything for you, so be nice), and lastly think about tips you might give out to professional movers, it’s not much but can add up quickly.

The traveling aspect comes next. If you’re moving far then you might travel by air; take that price into consideration. If you decide to drive, remember that gas isn’t cheap anymore. Remember any tolls you might encounter during your trip. They’re definitely not expensive but wise to put in your budget. And lastly if your trip is long you might stop for meals or hotel stays – put money aside for those things.

Clearly, moving on a budget is not going to be easy. Cutting corners might be necessary. For instance, I would drive in a straight-shot wherever I went and make sure I didn’t stay at a hotel and get meals. You could save hundreds of dollars avoiding that! Renting the truck rather than professional movers might be a lot cheaper too. And as far as the home you’re getting, which should be your largest expense, cheap and efficient is the way to go. Small repairs can be fix in time and a location right outside the city, where you work, will be a lot cheaper than down the street from your job.

If you plan on moving on a budget be sure to do your research. Picking just any old company to help you move your stuff won’t save you any money. And in these times you need to save money just as much as me. Shopping around ensures the best prices for you and your budget. Hopefully, by the end of your move you’ll have money left over to spend on items you might need for later in life.

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