Florida Health Insurance PlanA Health Insurance Plan in Florida Is A Cakewalk, Not A Moonwalk

Summarized View:

“Mr. Michael Jackasson, you didn't have to moonwalk on the awards night! You're pushing 50 and you've damaged your spine and some other sensitive things with your moonwalk. You're lucky you have a health insurance plan!” The good doctor informed Michael.

“Tell me what's gone wrong with me, Doc? Are any of my pigments hurt?”.


“Pigments! Michael, listen to this: Your tests shows that your cervical nerves are twisted and your deltoids have cracked. But these are covered by your health insurance plan.”

“Whew! For a minute I though I was a goner! Hey, affordable health insurance plan, thanks!” .

“That's not all: Your thoracic nerves are now embedded in your intestines and the nerves that are connected to your chest muscles are gone. But these ailments are also covered by your health plan! Shucks, that's a great plan you've got there, Michael!” .

“Ain't it a great plan, Doc? I bought it from JoeFloridaInsurance.com! Such a wowie site!”

“Wait, let me finish, your lumbar nerves and your sacral nerves have been nuked badly and I can't find the nerves that control your love-making mechanism! But all these ailments are covered by your plan. Michael, your plan is beginning to impress me!”

“Me too, Doc! What a great health insurance Florida plan I've got!”

“Wait, there's more: It seems you have an appendix that needs to be removed and some tonsils too. Now, Michael, take this gently, these ailments are not covered by your health insurance Florida plan. Hmm, just when I was getting impressed with your plan, these dampeners come up!”

“Waaaaa! So help me God! What have I done to deserve this, God! Why aren't my appendix and my tonsils covered by my health care provider in Florida, Waaaa!”

That was how an insurance quote helped Michael, except for his tonsils and appendix.How about you?
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