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Summarized View:

Hugh Jockman was a steady, careful guy who had covered himself with a nice Central Florida Health Insurance policy that he had purchased from our site, JoeFloridaInsurance.com.

Out of the blue one fine day, Hugh decided to place all his beliefs in psychics and soothsayers. So he drove carefully to the place of the famous psychic, Ken Kingastone.


He wanted to meet the psychic because he wanted to know what the psychic thought about him.

But he drove carefully because he didn’t want to invoke the health insurance policy he had taken out in central Florida.

“Mr. Hugh, your aura tells me you are sporting an expensive perfume and that you are a famous person,” the psychic begain his reading.

“Hot ziggity, Ken, you’re right.


Hugh leaning forward to hear more, “I didn’t know you guys knew so much! What can you tell me about my future?”

“I can hear your inner voices, Mr. Hugh. I can hear many small voices coming out of your spirit. These voices are dark, foreboding and strange. Maybe, you may need to buy a central Florida Health Insurance policy.”

“Ah-ha, so I may be needing a Health Insurance in Central Florida Policy.” Hugh leaned back in his chair.

By the way, those are not my inner voices; those are the voices of the Tacos with Everything, and Refried Beans I ate before coming to you.

“But anyway, tell me more Ken.”

The Psychic sighed. “I see Karma creating a problem for you. Hugh, it will be advisable to buy a Central Florida Health Insurance policy real quick. I know a good agent, a friend of mine who can lead you to a nice policy.”

“What do you take me for: A goddamn idiot?

“First, if you were a psychic you would have known that I have a nice health insurance policy.

“Second, don’t say anything nasty about Karma.

The last I’ve seen her was five years back. She’s a honky chick and she’s got no hang-ups in life. I’m outta here!”

Hugh Jockman marched out of the psychic’s office.

Our Health Insurance in Florida Policy made him see the light!

What about you?

You may not want to check out your aura, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a Health Insurance Policy!

If you’re looking for one, buy your policy right from here! Our website is networked with Quality Health Insurance Companies who are eagerly waiting to offer you affordable Insurance Quotes.

WYSIWYG! What You See Is What You Get.

Go ahead and take one, there’s no clairvoyance involved!

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