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Cockain Dyke was an old-fashioned Tampa dentist, and he didn’t believe in modern-day dentistry.

Of course, his clients were all old-timers who believed in old values and all that jazz. Cockain was deadly against Tampa dental insurance plans


Now, you guys know that America is a crazy place and weird guys get famous faster than guys who make an honest buck.

Accordingly, Cockain’s name spread far and wide until it reached leading American jackass Sean-Oh’s ears. Sean-Oh decided to get his root canal treated by Cockain.

“Son, do you believe in modern day gadgets? Do you believe in a dental insurance plan?” Cockain asked Sean-Oh.

“Never, doc, never. I give a giddyap for a dental insurance plan, I hate insurance web sites, especially www.Cheap-Dental-Insurance.com. I just believe in stapler machines and nakedness. Doc, my tooth is hurting, please fix my dental the old-fashioned way, please.”

“Open your mouth, son.”

Sean-Oh opened his mouth. He should have opened a dental insurance plan

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, what's that you’re doing, doc, ha, ha, ha, ha?” Sean-Oh asked.

“I’m tickling your gums with an eagle’s feather,my son. Now listen to this chant: The Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon man and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh; and the rib which God took from the man, he made into woman and brought her to the man…Sleep, my son, let not dental insurance disturb your sleep.”

Sean-Oh couldn’t sleep. He was laughing because the feather was tickling him.

Cockain Dyke was annoyed with Sean-Oh. He hit him on the head with a big brass ankh.

Sean-Oh couldn’t take it – he passed out saying, “Someone help me get an insurance plan!”

Can you imagine something as weird as this made Sean-Oh realize how important a dental policy could be.

What about you?

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