Individual Health Insurance In FloridaIndividual Health Insurance In Florida Figures In Christmas Toasts

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Paris Hillstorm, Britney Swords, Michael Richards, Mel Gibsone, 49 1/2 Pesoss and Snooop Dogg gathered around their Christmas dinner table.

“Okay, now I want all you guys to stand up and deliver Christmas toasts to individual health insurance. Get up and do it now or I’ll fire this Bazooka right into you guys’ mouths,” Joe Robertson, the guy who owns this site, commanded.

Individual Health Insurance Florida

Accordingly, his guests toasted individual health insurance. Here’s how it went:

Paris Hillstorm/Britney Swords Toast

Merry Christmas family, neighbors, and friends,
A hardcore season’s toast to you we send
It is time to remove your age-old underwear
And proceed to spread naked Christmas joy everywhere
But don’t let frostbite and snowfall get on your buns
Buy a policy of individual health insurance
Merry Christmas family, neighbors, and friends
May you feel joy at every thrust, at every bend
Have plenty fun with 3 cool dudes along in Santa's den
Forget God's Angels they know only how to kiss
But take an individual health insurance plan,
In case you get careless and produce more kids than you wish

Mel Glibsone/Michael Richards Toast

Merry Christmas, our Jewish and African friends, may all you live a thousand years, Watching us pull out your teeth, squeeze your nipples and wax your ears,
Doing Chinese saliva torture on you, watch your eyes flood with tears,
And after with you we’re done,
You’ll regret you didn’t ever buy individual health insurance
Merry Christmas, may we live a thousand years plus one extra day, To watch 1000 nude ninjas and flaccid cowboys get you laid,
Because I want to be on earth, and hear you'd passed away,
Our war on you has just begun,
Because we know Florida individual health insurance you haven't done
Merry Christmas anyway, Merry Christmas anyway

Snooop Dogg/49 1/2 Pesos Toast

Merry XXXmaz, come out on the road and do the spit
Light a dynamite stick, set fire to a house, watch a time bomb tick
After the mayhem give a loud grun’
Bless all for not taking a #$%^ individual health insurance
Merry XXXmaz, make an oldie sit on your lap and give him a kiss,
Squeeze him very tight, hold him right, hope he has arthritis
Into his nose fire a burp spray gun,
And hope to the lord the senior ain’t bought individual health insurance
Merry XXXmaz,
Don’t say no sorries,
Don’t give no apologies,
When you clutch someone’s throat
While feasting on raw yuletide Geese
You’ll actually save him money '
Cause he won’t waste no cash
On an individual Florida health insurance bash

These toasts made Joe a happy man – he was fond of individual health insurance Florida and he always used to get deeply disturbed every year when it didn’t figure in Christmas toasts. Now he was feeling okay!

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