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As one of the larger insurance brokers of Florida we handle almost every type of insurance plan and policy. We will give you a competitive quote, just fill out the insurance quote forms and one of our experienced Florida insurance agents will contact you shortly.

These are some of the Plans you can chose from:

Florida Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance

Long Term Care

Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Insurance

Drug Prescriptions and Medications

HMO - Health maintenance Organization Plans

Dental Insurance Plans

Travel Insurance

PPO Health Insurance

Medicare Part D

MSA - Medical Savings Account

Disability Insurance

Humana Insurance

Medical Insurance

Health Care Plans

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Cheap plans - Affordable policies

Secondly, a Florida resident would consider the accident insurance plan when a person has a very high deductible on his Florida health insurance policy. To lower your monthly insurance premiums you would choose a policy with a $5,000 deductible. In essence, the standard health insurance policy will not pay for the first $5,000 of medical expenses. Under such a situation, you would purchase a Florida accident insurance plan to make up this deficit. The accident policy would pay for the $5,000 deductible at a lower cost than the standard insurance policy.

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