Florida Insurance Comedy ArticlesFlorida Insurance Comedy Articles by Jordie Punkett

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Jordie has been writing comedy and winning awards for over a decade and has a vast experience in making people laugh.

Jordie is a comedy master who works many hours and in his free time enjoys working comedy for his favorite cousin, yours truly. He attributes the success of this Florida web site to himself so I have to take Jordie out for a fancy meal every time he is in town.


These brilliantly funny Florida articles take the edge off of insurance. He is quoted as saying "Floridians like me (agents) provide you security, peace of mind, and will let you sleep well at night. What's not funny about that.

Check out these out-of-the-world stories that will surely make you chuckle. Florida agents can really make you laugh.

You'll still be smiling after you see our free online quote too.

Orlando Insurance Quote Is No Hot Flash In The pan

Orlando Insurance Broker Is Not A Jewel In The Crown

Orlando Health Insurance Is For Grown Ups

Orlando Dental Insurance Is Not An African Proverb

Naples Life Insurance Is Velvety

Don’t Bang Your Heads On Miami Insurance

Miami Insurance Quote Is So Not Confusing,

Humorous Insurance Articles

These health maintenance organizations are not really so cheap but hmo like

Buy A Florida Temporary Health Insurance Policy Then Play Christmas Pranks

Florida Life Insurance Quote Online:

The Sanest Choice In An Insane World

Selling Life Insurance In Florida Is No Cockney Talk

Florida Medicare Website Is No Cock And Bull Story

Florida Life Insurance Quote As A Christmas Carol

Florida Life And Health Insurance Christmas Toasts

Florida Dental Ain't Mental

Dental Insurance In Florida Is Not Unholy

This Is The State Of Florida Insurance

Florida Small Group Health Insurance Is Licensed To Pill

Florida Small Business Health Insurance Is Not Sadness

Adopt A Florida Self Employed Health Insurance Policy

Personal Florida Health Insurance Comes For Your Body, Not From It

Low Cost Florida Health Insurance Is No Riddle

Florida Individual Health Insurance Plan Is Not Twisted

Individual Health Insurance In Florida Figures In Christmas Toasts Florida

Individual Health Insurance Coverage Gets Stuck On You!

Health Insurance Plan In Florida Fights Idiocy

Health Insurance In Florida Doesn’t Strip You Bare

A Health Insurance Company In Florida Puts A Spell On You

A Florida Health Care Insurance Provider Is Factual, Not Hypothetical

Florida Student Health Insurance Helps You In Flirting

Florida State Health Insurance News Snippets

Never Curse A Florida Kid Health Insurance Policy

Florida Individual Health Insurance Is For All Genders

Legends Freaked Out On A Florida Health Insurance Rate

Glory Be To A Florida Health Insurance Policy

Florida Health Insurance Plan Is A Cakewalk, Not A Moonwalk

Florida Health Insurance Information In Victorian English

Florida Health Insurance Coverage Is Under Your Control

A Florida Health Insurance Company Is Not Full Of Gas

Florida Health Insurance For Child Is Child’s Play!

An Online Florida Health Insurance Agency And Dumb Laws

Don’t Block A Florida Health Care Plan

Florida Health Care Insurance Figures In the News

You Cant’s Divorce Florida Group Health Insurance

Maybe You Have A Crush On Your Miami Insurance Broker

Miami Health Insurance Figures

In Paul And Heather’s Living Together Agreement!

Age-Old Florida Life Insurance Dances To Ecstatic Beat

Extreme Florida Term Life Insurance

Thanksgiving To West Palm Beach Health Insurance

West Palm Beach Life Insurance Is Simple Wisdom

Cruise Home With A West Palm Beach FloridaInsurance Policy

Tampa Life Insurance Is For Social Animals

Tampa Insurance Can Resurrect Your Psychology

A Tampa Insurance Quote makes You The Happiest

Tampa Insurance Brokers Are Not Tech-Savvy!

Tampa Health Insurance Can Take On Tough Guys

All Chant Tampa Dental Insurance

Tallahassee Insurance Is Victim Of Racist Remarks

Tallahassee Health Insurance Is Beautiful

Tallahassee Dental Insurance Makes Your Teeth White, Not Blond

Spy On South Florida Health Insurance

Pensacola Insurance Is As Graceful As A Ballet Dance

A Pensacola Health Insurance Plan Is Food For The Soul

Pensacola Dental Insurance Cannot Buy You Dental Hygiene Products

Palm Beach Health Insurance Is For High-Fliers

Orlando Life Insurance Is Not A Gamble

Orlando Insurance Gives You Hope, Bwana

Miami Dental Insurance Is Tasty

Never Nuke Jacksonville Florida Long Term Care

Jacksonville Life Insurance Is Very Potent

Jacksonville Insurance Doesn’t Stab You In The Back

Jacksonville Florida Insurance Brokers

Need Some Offline Sanity

A Princely Jacksonville Health Insurance Plan!

Jacksonville Florida Life Insurance Won’t Get Your Goat

The History Of Jacksonville Florida Insurance

Jacksonville Florida Insurance Quote For The Dog Days

Jacksonville Dental Insurance: The Steaks Are High

Central Florida Health Insurance Is No Clairvoyant

Boca Raton Insurance Is The Right Diet For You

Boca Raton Health Insurance Works Out Fine!

Florida Term Life Insurance Rate Gets Your Freak On!

Florida Family Health Insurance Is Like A Godfather

Astral Travel With A Florida Family Health Insurance Plan

Family Health Insurance In Florida Won’t Mob You

Comprehensive Florida Health Insurance Plan Is An Awakening

Sleep At Peace With Cheap Florida Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance In Florida Is Happy & Gay

Our Affordable Florida Group Health Insurance Features Anorexic Premiums

Affordable Florida Health Insurance Smells Good

Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment Is Not A Scam

The cheaper that we make the insurance it is healthier for air-heads

Don’t Cuss Florida Medicare The Floridian medical situation for uninsured won’t put a hex on you!

This Floridian is quoted as real, not cosmetic or insurable

We’ve got the dope on any florida insurer who makes company with the short

An insurance agent is rapped hard in Jacksonville and Tampa

Extremely Sporty Florida Health Care

Florida dental can be planned and it ain’t cheesy or cheap!

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