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“From now on you will wear your swimming trunks the way I tell you to wear them, you will apply bat's blood on your dunkin donuts the way I tell you to do it, and you will take Florida health insurance coverage from my favorite website, JoeFloridaInsurance.com. Hit the keys I tell you hit!” Robert DeNeato rabidly barked out at Leonardo DeCaprice.

“Hey, take it easy, my friend Robert. I just asked you for directions to the rest room, pal. I didn't ask you for any Florida health insurance coverage, buddy. Just take it easy. I can find out for myself, Robert, don't worry about it, OK? Bye!” A worried Leonardo DeCaprice stuttered. He knew about Robert's infamous temper attacks.


“Oh, yeah, you grocery store clerk, you don't feel the need to meet my friendship needs? You saucy bimbo, you just want to cause me stress so that you can maintain a sense of order, you control freak! I'm talkin' to you givin' you some good advice about good health coverage in Florida and all you can think about is the rest room, you necrophilic librarian!”

“Do not be fuelled by anxiety, my pal Robert. Learn to tolerate my imperfections. I promise you as soon as I reach home I will buy suitable coverage. Now, can I head for the rest room?” A worried Leonardo enquired.

“There you go again about your stoopid, mother#$%^ing rest room, Leonardo! And what do you mean fuelled by anxiety! You think I'm anxious, you unshaven Vulcan scientist? Look at this gun here, I'm going to place it into your right ear and watch the bullet come out of your left ear if you don't take a #$%^ing health hmo insurance coverage right here, right now!”

“OK, Robert, my buddy, I shall come with you and take coverage right away,” Leonardo said, he was a mass of nerves now.

“That's my boy, Leonardo. Come with me.”

The moral of this story is our website has appointed celebrity salesmen all over Hollywood and these celebs are going to make sure you guys buy a health insurance coverage from us!

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